My Happy Marriage season episode 10 recap & review: Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake

In My Happy Marriage episode 10, Kiyoka takes Miyo to Arata to get help and discovers shocking truths about her lineage and powers, before seemingly losing her.


Kiyoka takes Miyo to Arata’s house where he finally introduces himself as Arata Usuba, Miyo’s cousin brother. As Miyo stands surprised, Yoshirou Usuba, the head of the family, also arrives.

Kiyoka asks for help regarding Miyo’s help and Yoshirou agrees to do so in exchange for Miyo’s custody. Miyo’s lack of confidence kicks in as others continue fighting among themselves over who gets to have her.

Yoshirou tells them that Miyo has a supernatural gift and it’s one of the most powerful there is, entailing powers to intervene in other people’s dreams and influence them. They need her to be in the family for this reason, but Kiyoka can’t accept that.

Arata pitches a duel to settle this. Kiyoka agrees. For the most part, Kiyoka overwhelms Arata even with the latter’s tricky illusions, but a moment of hesitation when Arata plays dirty by conjuring up an illusion of Miyo.

Kiyoka has to admit defeat in his mind until Hazuki sets him straight and tells him to go get Miyo back. However, before he does that, he has to face the problem of Grotesqueries approaching fast towards the capital.

Miyo is told by Yoshirou about her mother and why she sealed her powers before My Happy Marriage episode 10 rolls the credits.


  • My Happy Marriage sheds some light on Miyo’s past and Arata’s powers.
  • The duel between Arata and Kiyoka is a great sequence to see unfold.
  • As secrets regarding herself and her mother seem to be revealed soon, the perils of the approaching Grotesqueries loom larger than ever.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 10
My Happy Marriage season episode 10 recap & review: Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake 1

Director: Yuki Kanazawa

Date Created: 2023-09-06 20:30

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