My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Determination and Thunder

In My Happy Marriage episode 6, Kiyoka and Koji head off to the Saimori household as Kaya and her mother torture Miyo.


Miyo wakes up to see that her hands tied to the ceiling with a rope and Kaya and Kanoko are there to greet her. Kiyoka and Koji head to the Saimori household in a car.

Kaya and Kanoko get on with their scheme and threaten Miyo with abuse and the same treatment she’s been subjected to all her life. Kaya tells her to reject Kiyoka so that she’ll marry Kudo, while she can have Koji to herself.

Miyo doesn’t relent like always and displays ever-so-subtle signs of resistance, which irks Kanoko who slaps her for it. Kaya then takes up a knife and cuts a bit of the kimono that Kiyoka bought for Kaya, before asking if she’s ready to reject him or not.

Kiyoka blasts open the door of the Saimori household, before asking Shinichi the whereabouts of his fianceé. Tatsuishi intervenes and claims Miyo doesn’t want anything to do with him, which can’t deter Kiyoka from advancing.

Tatsuishi tries to resist and stop him, asking Shinichi to aid him, which he reluctantly does. However, even the combined powers of the two veteran supernatural ability users are nothing but a mere nuisance for Kiyoka, who easily overpowers them.

Tatsuishi continues resisting and burns the whole house in the process, but Kiyoka knocks him unconscious with his powers. Meanwhile, Miyo refuses to do Kaya and Kanoko’s bidding and leaves Kudo. Kaya grabs her by her throat when Kiyoka enters the storehouse.

He takes Miyo into his arms and carries her out, showing Kaya her place with a scornful look of disgust and pointed words that deflate her sense of self she’s been so high on. Meanwhile, Kanoko cries out seeing the burning place while Koji gets Kaya to stand up and move out.

Kiyoka takes Miyo back home while the Emperor is shown to have been behind or at least invested in the separation of Miyo from the Kudo household.

He fears the accumulation of power that the union of an Usuba and a Kudo would result in, and grants permission to Arata to proceed with the operation of preventing said thing from happening. Meanwhile, Miyo wakes up at the Kudo household.

Kiyoka helps her sit and affirms to her that none of what happened was her fault, nor has it ever been. Yurie enters the room and bawls on the floor, happy to see Miyo finally waking up.

Miyo cheers up receiving warmth from Kiyoka and Yurie as My Happy Marriage episode 6 concludes.


  • My Happy Marriage episode 6 is a cathartic affair that’s missing a couple of supernatural attack combos being dealt to Miyo’s abusers.
  • Miyo’s resilience is exceptionally heartwarming to see and proves just how great a change Kiyoka is for her life. It’s also incredible to see her grow from a tragic robot-like servant to a powerful woman who stands her ground even through the abuse.
  • The emperor’s entry makes things spicy as a bigger showdown between families and supernatural powers is imminent, which makes the Usuba family and their powers that much more exciting to witness whenever they enter the picture.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 6
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Determination and Thunder 1

Director: Takushi Koide

Date Created: 2023-08-09 20:00

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