My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 12 recap, review & ending explained

My Happy Marriage wraps up its first season with a finale that sees Miyo come to terms with some of her insecurities and doubts as she uses her powers to save Kiyoka.


Miyo ventures into the dreamscape where she enters the Saimori residence. There, she comes across her other self who seems to be an embodiment of her insecurities and doubts.

The other self tries to, at first with words and then with attacks, get Miyo to retreat and leave Kiyoka, to be weak and her old self again.

However, Miyo refuses to leave the ones she cares for and as her belief in herself becomes firm, the dream Miyo dissipates and leaves behind Kiyoka’s hair tie, which leads her to him.

Kiyoka is busy fighting an endless amount of Grotesqueries but he’s saved by Miyo, who now dons a majestic robe and confidence. Meanwhile, the Emperor learns that Kiyoka is being protected by Miyo in the dreams.

He launches an attack from the real world, managing to combine all the Grotesqueries inside the dream world and attack Miyo and Kiyoka. However, Miyo dispels the attack and destroys the Grotesqueries.

Kiyoka and Miyo wake up in the real world where their loved ones rejoice. Arata takes leave and reassures Miyo that she’ll always be a part of the Usuba family. Kiyoka invites him for a second duel someday.

Prince Takaihito tells Ookaito that his father was responsible for the Grave incident and the release of Grotesqueries. He also says he’ll take responsibility for his father’s shameful actions.

Kiyoka and Miyo go on about their lives in bliss and before My Happy Marriage season 1 ends, the two attend together the party Miyo was training for so intently.

My Happy Marriage season 1 ending explained in detail:

What is the Emperor’s plan?

The Emperor lost his gift, the power of Divine Revelation, and with it, the ability to see the future. This loss took over his mind and clouded his conscience with fear.

The fear of not being able to look into the future made him paranoid and he resorted to exposing the Grave to cope with his fears. As a result, he contributed to the Grotesqueries getting released.

He is paranoid about the balance of power getting tipped in favor of the Kudo family, who he believes will be unrivaled in power and dominance after Miyo’s Usuba powers add to their already mighty status.

And so he decides to separate Miyo from the Kudos. His plans begin impacting Kiyoka and Miyo early on in My Happy Marriage, with her kidnapping by Tatsuishi, something the Emperor backed, to her reclamation by Arata, something he ordered Arata to do.

He goes for the last offense when he tries to attack Miyo and Kiyoka in the dream world but fails. His son, Prince Takaihito, decides to repay all the debts their family has accrued because of the Emperor’s actions.

Do Miyo and Kiyoka reunite?

Yes, Miyo and Kiyoka reunite at the end of My Happy Marriage season 1. They are always by each other’s side and vie for each other’s love intensely.

And yet, Miyo’s traumatic issues cause her to not be as open and understanding of Kiyoka’s efforts. Meanwhile, Kiyoka also grows impatient in trying to protect her.

The two, desperate for each other’s love, end up inadvertently hurting each other during a meeting rife with miscommunication.

Her old wounds and insecurities flare up and they grow apart when Arata Usuba takes Miyo to his home. However, she keeps Kiyoka in her heart every waking moment. When Kiyoka gets injured trying to save Godou from a Grotesquerie, she runs off to save him.

She uses her ability to Dream-Walk and saves him from the Grotesqueries in the dream world. The two apologize to each other and shortly come to embrace each other, before waking up in the real world and resuming their blissful life together.


  • My Happy Marriage concludes its first season with a finale that delights with the character development that Miyo exhibits, as she not only overcomes her fears and doubts that stem from her abuse but also protects her loved one.
  • Arata gives up a bit too easily considering he seemed too eager and sort of coercive towards Miyo earlier. This won’t be that much of a bother if the episode included more scenes of him reacting to Miyo’s relentless love for Kiyoka.
  • Nevertheless, it’s not really a glaring issue. What’s more interesting and perhaps a bit of a letdown is the Emperor storyline. The peril he poses is not given a satisfying end but a happy ending bereft of any looming danger might be better for the central couple. They deserve it.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 12
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 12 recap, review & ending explained 1

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