Ms. Marvel season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Destined

Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel dives deeper into the origin of Kamala’s powers while she faces issues with her identity and feelings of self-worth. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Kamala is in Kamran’s kitchen where his mother, Najma, explains how she knew Kamala’s great-grandmother and their true origins. They came across the bangle back in the 1940s and needed it to return to their dimension.

Najma says they’re called Clandestines or Djinn and were exiled from their home dimension. When Kamala put on the bangle, they were alerted of her presence and sought her out.

Kamala heads back to Bruno’s house and tells him all about it. She also asks him to research interdimensional travel so that she can help Najma and the others get back home.

Agent Deever arrives at the mosque in search of the enhanced individual. The mosque imam, Sheikh Abdullah, and Nakia tell them that they have no clue about the girl and that Agent Deever needs a warrant if she wants to walk in there and search the premises.

Nakia goes to meet Kamala who’s admiring the fact that her rescue of the young boy is trending online. Nakia says that she’s annoyed with the masked individual because she drawing a target on the back of regular Muslims with her recklessness.

Kamala begins to doubt whether she’s worthy of being a superhero or not. Sheikh Abdullah finds her outside the house being introspective and gives her some words of encouragement.

Mr Khan walks into the corner store while Bruno is researching some stuff at the counter. When he sees that Bruno is reading up the Djinn, he offers to translate an Urdu text that speaks of the Djinn being other-worldly beings that are occasionally referred to as genies or demons.

Bruno tells Kamala that while interdimensional travel is theoretically possible with her powers, it could prove catastrophic if not done right. Kamala lets Kamran know that she needs more time to figure out whether she can help them.

The time arrives for Aamir’s wedding and he has a moment of doubt as he tells his father that he has very little money saved up. Mr Khan tells him that he needs to live with love and not fear and that everything else will find a way to be alright.

His reception goes on well with everyone dancing and thoroughly enjoying himself. Najma looks through Kamran’s messages and tells her son that she’s not willing to wait for Kamala to be ready. They will get her help by force if they have to.

They head to Aamir’s reception but Kamran gets there first to warn Kamala. She pulls the fire alarm to get her family out and then tries to evade Najma and the other Djinn. She fights back as much as she can with some help from Kamran but is cornered.

Najma touches the bangle and the image of a train appears to pass through. Damage Control shows up and subdues the Djinn while Kamala sneaks away with Bruno. They leave through the backdoor when Nakia shows up and realises that Kamala is the one with powers.

Bruno tells Kamala to get away before she’s found and Kamala reluctantly agrees. When she gets home, her parents ask her for the truth about the people she was with at the reception hall but she says that she can’t tell them anything.

Kamala gets a call from her grandmother who tells her that she needs to come to Karachi and that she also saw the vision of the train, which is why Kamala must get there as soon as possible.


  • The message about how being a superhero doesn’t overcome cultural or religious boundaries has been explored perfectly in this series. The way Kamala is possibly being targeted not just because of her abilities but also because of her religion is hard-hitting stuff.
  • The art style and effects continue to make an impact with how vibrant and colourful the series has been so far.
  • It was pleasing to see a fun and more or less accurate depiction of a subcontinental wedding, blending different styles and cultures to form one beautiful event.
  • Mr Khan’s pep talk with Aamir and Kamala’s talk with her mother were two emotionally heavy moments that had the right idea and definitely felt inspirational.

Rating: 3/5

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