Ms Marvel season 1 episode 2 recap & review: Crushed

Episode 2 of Ms Marvel sees Kamala try to learn more about her powers and train with them, while a new student in school grabs her attention. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Kamala goes to school with some fresh confidence now that she’s discovered her powers and while she’s there, she notices that Zoe is also trying to capitalise on their brief encounter at AvengerCon.

Zoe announces that she’ll be hosting a party and invites a new student, Kamran, to join the party. This makes Kamala want to go to the party as well. What follows is a montage of Kamala trying to grasp her powers with Bruno’s help.

Kamala and Nakia make it just in time for prayers at the local mosque and when Nakia brings up the poor conditions of the women’s section, Kamala suggests she run for the mosque board and bring about some change.

Kamala, Bruno and Nakia all turn up at the party but soon after, the police arrive and the children make their getaway with Kamran in his car. Kamran and Kamala hit it off instantly and he offers to give her a driving lesson someday.

Kamala and Nakia have a conversation about accepting their true identities and not focusing on outside opinions. Bruno learns that he’s gotten into an internship program at Caltech for next semester but isn’t sure he wants to move so far away from his friends.

Kamala goes on her first lesson with Kamran and they spend time together after just getting to know each other. Kamala’s brother, Aamir shows up but they successfully convince him that Kamran is their distant cousin.

Aamir and his fiance, Tyesha, are having dinner with the family and his dad retells a story from the partition days about Aamir and Kamala’s mother and how she made it on the last train out with her father through some miracle.

Kamala feels some kind of surge of energy and a blinding light hits her eyes before she wakes to everyone else gathered around her looking on in worry.

Kamala calls up her grandmother to find out more but all she learns is that the bangle belonged to her great grandmother, Aisha. The next day before they head out for Eid celebrations, Kamala asks her mother about Aisha but her mother tells her that this is one story she should avoid.

At the Eid gathering, Nakia aims to campaign for the mosque board, and she asks Kamala and Bruno to spread the word among the crowd. Kamala volunteers to go to the elderly aunties in the hopes of learning more about her family’s past.

The agents from the Department of Damage Control (DODC) question Zoe about the powered individual and find out that she must be of South Asian descent. They send out search teams to monitor all the areas where those nationalities are most dense.

As Kamala is learning about her great-grandmother, a boy goes up a high window and slips over, holding on for his life. Kamala dresses up in her Captain Marvel costume to try and rescue the boy.

She momentarily helps him with her platform constructs but just as she’s about to get him down, the flash of light appears once again along with the image of a woman reaching out to her. She loses her focus and the platform disappears.

She’s able to soften the boys landing but is embarrassed by her mistake and runs away. She manages to get away but is suddenly spotted by a drone who corrals her towards a group of DODC agents. She gets past them and at that moment Kamran arrives in his car and tells her to get in.

He introduces her to his mother sitting in the back and she claims that she’s been waiting to meet Kamala for a long time.


  • This episode works more as a coming-of-age series about a teenager stumbling their way to life, learning key lessons along the way. It’s a nice reminder that Kamala is still a young girl with real teenage problems first.
  • The series is so vibrant and full of colour, the comic influences and doodle animations throughout the episode are a treat to observe.
  • The depiction of the Muslim culture within the backdrop of more western society is so refreshing. The portrayal of the delicate balance one must maintain is something that will certainly benefit from more attention in the media.

Rating: 3/5

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