Moon Knight season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Tomb

Episode 4 of Moon Knight sees Steven and Layla catch up to Harrow and go into the catacombs in search of Ammit’s Tomb.


The imprisoned Khonshu’s ushabti is placed in a room with the other imprisoned gods and it honestly looks like an instalment out of a home decor magazine.

Layla is trying to wake Steven up but is interrupted when some men arrive in a jeep with a mounted gun and ammo. She fends them off before Steven conveniently wakes up once the action is over.

They head over to the location of the tomb and as they’re headed there, Steven tells Layla about the deal he made with Marc. How Marc promised to stay away once Khonshu was gone.

Marc tries to convince Steven to hand over control because he is way out of his depth in this situation. Meanwhile, Steven and Layla develop a closer bond and end up kissing, after which Steven essentially punches himself as an extension of Marc’s frustrations.

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Steven also explains to Layla why Marc has been pushing her away. He admits that Marc doesn’t want Khonshu to choose her as his next avatar which is why he’s been keeping his distance. Marc is being a typical ‘chad’ and protecting his wife, who doesn’t want protection.

They get into the cavern and realize that the extensiveness of the tomb means that the previous avatar of Ammit was a Pharaoh. They get separated when they’re attacked by an undead Heka priest, who was a bodyguard of sorts for the entombed ruler.

Layla enters a big hall with a chasm in the middle. She gets to the other side after climbing along the walls and fighting off another Heka before Harrow shows up looking all sinister like he usually does.

He sits down on the edge and goes into storytime, trying to get into Layla’s head by talking about her deceased father and how Marc possibly had a role to play in his murder. Layla listens to him and then leaves.

Steven takes a different path and is the first one to reach the tomb. He and Marc have a conversation about him kissing Layla, and then Steven realises that the tomb belongs to Alexander the Great.

He opens up the tomb but when there’s no sign of the ushabti, he uses that magnificent brain to figure out where it would be. By the logic that Alexander was Ammit’s voice, he digs into his throat and finds the ushabti inside.

Layla shows up in a rage and asks Marc about her father. Marc immediately takes control and tries to rush out but Layla insists that he tell her the truth. He confesses that he was there but it was his greedy partner who executed everyone on that dig site including her father.

Harrow shows up soon after but when Marc refuses to cooperate, Harrow shoots two bullets into his chest. Marc falls back into the water and appears to submerge somewhere even though it didn’t seem that deep. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a psychiatric ward.

This ward seems to have many elements of the real world embedded into it, like Layla being another patient and the low budget flick on the television about a British archaeologist named Steven Grant. Marc is also seen holding an action figure of the Moon Knight.

He drifts away and when he comes back, he’s in an office and a doctor is talking to him about his treatment and how he’s coping with it. The doctor turns out to be Harrow, and when the sedation on Marc wears off, he remembers that Harrow shot him.

He tries to escape and while he’s being chased he ducks into a room where he finds Steven stuck in a sarcophagus and lets him out. The two of them take a moment to comprehend what’s happening before continuing on their escape.

As they open a door, they’re met with an anthropomorphic hippo in ancient Egyptian attire and a feminine voice. And despite everything they’ve already seen so far, this is what draws a scream out of them.


  • This episode stuck true to the Marvel formula and took the intensity down a notch to build-up to the big finish of the final two episodes.
  • The Egyptian lore being highlighted is quite interesting even if there are liberties to what is true and what isn’t.
  • The Hekas looked terrifying and were the perfect creatures to induce some fear into whoever enters the tomb.

Rating: 3/5

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