Mayor of Kingstown season 2 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the season 2 finale of Mayor of Kingstown, Mike is forced to confront Milo, who wants his bonds back. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Mike and his colleagues are at the hospital to see Robert. After watching his state, they conclude that they have a lot of enemies. Kyle pulls Mike aside to disclose that Tracy has left. They both realize that they are in a terrible place right now.

Robert was the one who usually gave the beating, but he was on the receiving end this time. Kyle says he needs to take care of Tracy. Mike couldn’t agree more, as he has another business to attend to. He is going to meet Milo, hand him the bonds, and bring Iris back.

On his way to Milo, the members of the AB attack Mike, who barely dodges the gunshots. He manages to take them out. Mike contacts Kareem for help, who is no longer interested in getting involved in all of this. He is planning to move away and couldn’t care less about what is going on.

Mike then informs Ian about the shootout and asks him to clear this mess up for him. Meanwhile, Iris arrives at Mike’s doorstep and meets Mariam.

Mike heads straight to Bunny’s hideout to confront him for targeting Robert. Mike tells Bunny that this is a declaration of war, and if Robert dies, the cops are going to come looking for them. Everything between them will change.

Bunny reminds Mike that they have been under siege since birth, and though he has a soft spot for Mike, if the time comes, he will go through him. Upon realizing that he has lost Bunny, Mike walks away in defeat.

Mike receives a call from his mother, and it turns out that Milo is keeping her and Iris hostage at Mariam’s house. Mike calls Kyle, tells him about Milo, and instructs him to come to Mariam’s house.

After reaching there, Mike remembers that he left the bonds behind in the car that was attacked by the AB. He still walks in empty-handed and claims that he is here to make sure his mother and Iris are fine.

Milo starts figuring out that Mike has nothing to trade, but before he can make a move, Kyle and Ian break in and kill some of Milo’s men. Milo escapes with Iris, and a shootout begins at Mariam’s house.

Mike, Kyle, and Ian survive, but unfortunately, Mariam gets shot during the shootout. They immediately take her to the hospital. Kyle blames himself, as he was shooting in that direction. He believes he is the one who shot his mother.

Mike calms Kyle down and leaves to take care of Milo once and for all. He is followed by Ian, who wants to help. They approach Tatiana and threaten her. She calls Milo, who gives Mike a last chance. If Mike plays smart and brings anyone along with him, they will die, but first Iris will die.

Back at the hospital, Tracy calls Kyle after learning what has happened. The tough times bring the couple back together. Tracy says she will come back tomorrow and assures Kyle that she loves him.

Mayor of Kingstown season 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens to the AB?

On his way to Milo, Mike calls Carney and inquires how the AB is doing inside the prison without Davidson in charge. Carney says someone will rise and take Davidson’s place.

Mike then tells him that he is resetting the table. He orders Carney to get rid of the AB, who didn’t pay heed to his warnings and tried to attack him.

Carney follows the orders and instructs Raph and Big Hush’s gang to take the AB out. At night, he opens Gunner’s cell. Raph and Big Hush’s crew enter Gunner’s cell and kill him right away.

Does Mike save Iris?

Mike and Ian plot how they are going to handle this situation. Ian pitches to bring SWAT in because he is sure Milo won’t let Mike walk away just like that. Mike doesn’t want to risk it, so he instructs Ian to hide on the upper ground with a sniper and keep an eye on him.

Mike goes to Milo’s boat all alone and hands the bonds back in exchange for Iris. Milo explains to Mike that he is fighting the wrong fight as Mike and Iris walk away. Milo orders his men to keep a gun on them until he is long gone. After that, they can do whatever they want.

Once Milo is some distance away, his men intend to kill Mike and Iris. Suddenly, Milo’s boat explodes. It turns out that Mike planted explosives in the bonds. Milo’s men get distracted. Ian sees the opening and shoots them down. Mike and Iris make their own moves to kill Milo’s men.

Is Milo still alive?

Mike proceeds to detail how things work here in Kingstown. Robert’s loved one waits for him to wake up. Similarly, Kyle is also looking forward to an update on Mariam.

Bunny thinks about his future on his rooftop. Tatiana, on the other hand, receives a call from Milo, who says everything went fine and he is on his way back to her.


  • Mayor of Kingstown season 2 rushes the whole plot around Milo, who could have raised the stakes. Right from the first episode, the show teases that Milo being out is dangerous, but Milo doesn’t get a chance to portray his nature in this season at all.
  • Even if the storytelling isn’t on point, Mayor of Kingstown gets the action and the twists in the finale of season 2 right. The shootout at Mariam’s house, the meeting with Milo, and the end of the AB keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.
  • The finale also attempts to add emotional depth with Robert and Mariam being hospitalized. While not every scene is satisfying and heartfelt, watching Kyle and Tracy reunite is.
  • Lastly, despite being action-packed, the finale of the second season is not on par with the season 1 finale, which literally brought a war inside the prison. The show was slow with everything going on inside the prison and made Milo the big threat in the end after hardly featuring him in the show.
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