Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 4 recap & review: The Pool

The fourth episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 sees Mike trying to hurry the process of getting release papers for the gang leaders as the prisoners are being transferred. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


At the prison, Bunny learns that all the prisoners are being transferred to another prison. With these prisoners gone, the leaders from outside won’t be able to pick new leaders.

Bunny approaches Carney and tells him to call Mike. Carney initially refuses, but when Bunny warns him about what will happen, Carney lets him talk to Mike.

Mike calms Bunny down. He assures him that the officials won’t be moving him anytime soon. What is happening is probably a reaction to the fight that broke out.

Mike promises to take care of this and heads to meet Evelyn, who clearly knows about the transfers. Evelyn defends herself, stating that she already has a lot of problems to figure out; her own job is in danger because of the deaths in prison.

Regarding the deal they made with Bunny and the leaders, Evelyn says that the DA is still working on the papers, but it’s complicated. After the DA’s sign, they need the judge’s sign too.

Mike believes that there will be more bodies if this process isn’t hurried up. He claims that the DA doesn’t know the people of Kingstown. Mike once again asks Evelyn to get Bunny out of the prison.

Kyle is still figuring out what he is supposed to do next. He approaches Mike again and demands a real job, not his chores.

Back at the prison, Gunner, one of the leaders, questions Bunny about Mike. Gunner wonders if Mike has played them. Bunny defends Mike throughout the conversation. Gunner leaves after reminding him that if they won’t get out now, they never will.

At night, Mike visits Bunny and details him about the release papers and the DA. Mike wants Bunny to wait and trust him. Bunny explains to him that the place is being torn down and that the other leaders have now started suspecting Mike.

Mike then goes to Kareem, who always receives a heads-up about these transfers, but he isn’t willing to take orders from Mike anymore.

Mike reiterates what will happen if they lose Bunny to Kareem. They lose the other leaders, the prison falls apart, and soon the whole of Kingstown.

Mike claims that there is nothing for him in this. He is here telling Kareem to help himself because soon the whole town might get dangerous for his kids.

Meanwhile, Mariam and Ian are walking at another prison, where a guard tells Ian that all the prisons are letting the non-violent inmates go just so that there is some space for the tent dwellers. It’s only a matter of time before the non-violent ones become the violent ones.

Mariam conducts a class of her own, talking to the juvenile inmates for the very first time. She shares her loss and asks if they have gone through the same. She then lets them talk about their trauma.

Amidst all of this, a construction worker named Horace finds the metal box Mike was supposed to find for Milo. The box is full of bonds connected to criminal activity, and Horace plans to get some amount of money out of these for himself and his wife.

He attempts to sell it to a friend who owns a pawn shop. That friend directs him to someone else. Not knowing what he is walking into, Horace talks to Joseph, only to get tied, interrogated, and have his fingers cut off for not revealing the box’s location.

Back at his house, his wife suspects that they are messing with the wrong thing. She picks up the box and goes to a precinct.

Bunny calls Mike and tells him to come to the Tent City immediately. At the same time, Stevie calls Mike too, concerning the box. Mike meets Stevie first and is surprised to see the bonds.

He asks Stevie to keep these bonds out of the system. After learning about the woman, Mike tells Stevie to instruct the woman to go back home, wait for her husband, and if he doesn’t show up, skip the town. Milo might come looking for these bonds.

Mike then goes to prison and finds it completely empty. Horace’s body is later discovered by a kid in a swimming pool.


  • After a filler episode that was slow in development, Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 4 pushes things to a new extent. The show successfully creates a tense environment that can be felt.
  • One can feel the position Bunny is in right now. He failed to restore order in the first attempt, and now the officials are not even allowing him or the leaders to make a move.
  • At first, it may feel like adding the bonds part will only jumble things up since there is already a lot on the plot with prisoners being transferred, but towards the end, one will start accepting this cut-throat situation that Mike is in.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 4
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 4 recap & review: The Pool 1

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