Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 1 recap & review: Never Missed a Pigeon

The first episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 explores the aftermath of the prison riot. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Mike takes Iris to a yacht, which will be sold in seven days, for some time off. He leaves for work later on, while Iris decides to stay and spend the next seven days here on the yacht.

Captain Kareem Moore is still suffering from the trauma of the riots. Moore’s wife finds him shivering, terrified, and hiding in a corner of their house. She manages to calm him down.

The riots saw the deaths of many gang leaders. The prison inmates, who don’t have leaders and are living in tents, kill anyone they desire in broad daylight right in front of the guards, who don’t seem to care.

Mike arrives at the crime scene he is called to. A man has been killed inside his car. On top of that, a pitbull was chewing on him. Ian made sure to kill the dog inside. Meanwhile, Robert Sawyer and his team lead a drug bust at a place.

Mike later visits Bunny to inform him that a Blood member gave them the tip about one of his places. If he had known it was his place, he wouldn’t have allowed the bust.

Mike assures him that he is here to restore balance and asks him to choose a leader, which isn’t that easy, according to Bunny. There is a process that sees a member putting down a cop.

Mike advises against this and also insists he put a pause on cooking drugs for now.

Mike then catches up with the other detectives and learns that Milo is probably missing. He heads back to the yacht to protect Iris, but Stevie stops him midway to inquire about Duke.

Mike was the last person Duke talked to before getting hit. Mike reveals nothing to Stevie and tells him to clear all the records.

Meanwhile, Kareem Moore gets cleared to go back to duty. Back at the prison, Moore corners three inmates and beats them up to exact revenge for what happened to him.

On his way to Iris, Mike meets Evelyn at the coroner’s lab to inform her about Milo not being on the inmate roster. Evelyn already knows that. Mike calls this a disaster and asks her to issue an alert for him.

Mike arranges for two officers who will take Iris to Denver and give her a new identity. Iris finds it hard to part ways with Mike.

Iris comes to realize that Mike took her to the yacht only to make himself feel better about this. A disappointed Iris then leaves with the officers.

However, Iris soon learns about Milo’s escape when she overhears the officers assigned to her talking. The officers are surprised that Mike didn’t tell her about his escape.

Iris then heads back to Mike to confirm whether Milo is out there. Mike says he doesn’t know, but his heart says Milo has escaped.

Amidst all of this, Mariam struggles to teach at the prison with armed officers around. She later gets mugged in broad daylight. The officers catch the robber and plan to charge him with assault and armed robbery.

Mariam claims that he wasn’t armed. Ian explains that the kid had a knife and that he might not have used it this time, but he may use it next time.

She agrees to identify this kid. After looking at how the cops have treated him, Mariam decides not to press charges.

Kyle, on the other hand, struggles to get along with his new team at his new job. He engages in an argument with his boss when their team mistakes a boat for carrying drugs. The boat only had maple syrup on it, and the people on it were only trying to avoid tariffs.


  • The way Captain Kareem Moore is left terrified after the riot is what draws viewers back to the show and sets the tone. Certainly, it reminds the viewers how horrifying the prison riot was.
  • The episode opens up, giving the viewers a glimpse of how the streets are not safe anymore. There is a hostile environment that the show successfully establishes.
  • It’s a bit hard to see Mariam viewing the cops as no less than gangs. She of all people should understand that in a place like Kingstown, the cops have no option but to work this way.
  • Mayor of Kingstown season 2 has established the situation the town is in. The main plot is yet to kick off, and the premiere episode has only sown seeds for it.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 1
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 1 recap & review: Never Missed a Pigeon 1

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