Love is Blind season 4 episodes 6, 7 & 8 recaps & review

Love is Blind season 4 drops its second batch of episodes that continue the ups and downs of the blind lovers navigating the next stage of their relationship to assess and judge if they’re ready to tie the knot yet or not.

Episode 6 recap: I Made A Mistake

Love Is Blind season 4 sees the couples departing from Mexico, and heading off to Seattle, as it’s time they try out the next stage of their relationship — visiting each other’s homes and deciding where and how they would be co-habitating next.

Marshall and Jackie continue their rough patch as Jackelina can’t seem to overcome her anxieties while Marshall begins showing a certain lack of confidence as his efforts are not properly reciprocated.

Meanwhile, Micah also confronts Irina about what he said regarding his fiance right after breaking up with Zack.

Zach goes on a date with Bliss, expressing his regrets for choosing Irina over her as she expresses her discomfort too. Soon, the two get around to start having a good time, though, and even as Bliss isn’t sure of what will become of this meeting, Zach is hopeful that they will keep on meeting.

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Chelsea and Kwame’s relationship is the same as ever, and as she shows him her apartment and the sad context behind her interior design choices, Kwame looks ever-so-uncertain about it all.

Meanwhile, Brett meets Tiffany’s group of closest friends and they all instantly approve of him, as the couple seems to be going strong as ever. That wraps matters up in the sixth episode of Love Is Blind season 4.

Episode 7 recap: Second Time’s the Charm?

Love Is Blind season 7 sees Micah meeting Paul’s mother and her approval is instant, with the two women hitting it off really well right off the bat. Kwame meets Chelsea’s dad who is surprisingly very warm and receptive to his daughter’s decision.

Later on, they have a bit of a tiff while considering the logistics of their shared living, as Kwame feels he’d be compromising the most if he’s to move in with Chelsea at her apartment. Meanwhile, Micah and Paul have a similar tough situation where Paul’s rigid attitude when it comes to the co-habitation part surprises Micah.

Jackelina meets Marshall’s sister and brother-in-law, amid another one of her uncertain moods. Meanwhile, Tiffany checks out Brett’s apartment and they discuss the changes they’d have to eventually make when they start living together. Later, they talk about the spending habits of Brett, but only to an extent he’s comfortable with.

Zach goes on a second date with Bliss and they have a great time. Their third date is on a boat and they have a great chemistry and vibe. Zach surprises Bliss by kneeling down and proposing to her; her answer is a yes, and with that Love Is Blind season 4 episode 7 rolls the credits.

Episode 8 recap: Pick Me

Love Is Blind season 4 episode 8 stirs things up. When Jackelina asks Marshall to boss up and be a man, he gets very upset and leaves. Upon his return, Jackelina shows her resentment and they have a heated argument that ends with the two hugging each other, but the state of things between them is really dire.

Kwame calls his mother and she disapproves of his choice to get engaged, amid his hesitation and touchy attitude when it comes to eventually moving in together. He also shares the difference of opinion he has on the idea of having kids in 3-4 years.

Zach and Bliss test out the living together thing and their relationship is going strong. Paul meets Micah’s parents and they approve, with a reasonable amount of caution.

He then meets her best friends who aren’t that much into him, as one of them expresses rather extreme reactions of disapproval, which miffs Paul and when he says he doesn’t care that much what she has to think of him, Micah gets upset with him since it matters to her what her best friend thinks and feels.

Bliss still has some understandable emotions of disappointment and repulsion as she feels she’s Zach’s second choice, but he assures her of the contrary, telling her that he intends on marrying her. Meanwhile, Jackelina and Marshall’s relationship is hanging by a thread.

All couples meet to celebrate Chelsea’s birthday, as Josh crashes the party and instantly makes a move on Jackelina to “stir the pot”, asking her to choose him if things don’t work out between her and Marshall.

Tiffany is nervous about her wedding preparations as Brett displays an unfazed confidence in their relationship, and with that, Love Is Blind season 4 episode 8 wraps things up with a cliffhanger on the status of several relationships.


  • Kwame continues to look just as dishonest and loudly uncertain in his relationship with Chelsea as he can be. Admitting himself that he can’t get over Micah makes his commitment to Chelsea appear not just frustrating but rather cruel, especially when she has been so welcoming and accepting of him every step of the way.
  • Micah seems to have a penchant for befriending all the meanies as her best friend causes quite an unwarranted dramatic ruckus over Paul not being good enough for her.
  • Tiffany and Brett are a solid couple per usual and their mature approach to the acceptance of what both of them have to offer continues to warm hearts.
  • Jackelina seems to have put not just Marshall but also herself through the wringer. While Marshall seems to have made continuos efforts at consoling, comforting, and caring for her, Jackelina seems to have been unable to reciprocate similar level of commitment.
  • Zach and Bliss’s arc seems a bit rushed but also sweet. There is a lack of a strong emotional display of bonding between the two, which was a case during their pod-dating days. However, that can be chalked up to the fact that Bliss is all out of tears at this point — something she admits herself.
  • Love Is Blind season 4 has a new antagonist for the fans to despise and it seems to be the overtly zealous and invasive Josh, but only time will tell if Jackelina is unwise enough to choose him and fumble Marshall in a manner that can only be termed “tragic.”
Love Is Blind season 4 episodes 6, 7 & 8
Love is Blind season 4 episodes 6, 7 & 8 recaps & review 1

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