Love Is Blind season 4 episode 12 recap, review & ending explained

Love Is Blind season 4 finale packs a few shockers in between a lot of heartwarming moments as the couples make the ultimate decision at the altar.


Kwame says yes to Chelsea and amid celebrations all over, they step into the next phase of their life. Up next is Micah and Paul’s turn, and both of them have uncertainties regarding their frame of mind before giving their answers at the altar.

Paul shares his doubts and starts getting in his head about the prospect of marriage before arriving at the altar, where Micah hands him over the opportunity to give his answer first. He surpises all when his answer is not a yes, as Paul thinks they need more time.

Devastated, Micah runs off crying, as Paul claims to have been broken into many pieces by what transpired as well, as his loved ones console him.

Next up on the altar are Tiffany and Brett, and after an emotional anticipation from Tiffany and a little fitting hitch from the groom-to-be’s side, they are ready. It’s a yes from both sides and the arguably the most favorite couple of Love Is Blind season 4 gets married.

The final couple at the altar is Zach and Bliss, who are very excited and positive about their marriage. Zach’s grandmother and sister come to support him, along with his best mates, while Bliss’s father still shows a certain reluctance to the wedding, before his daughter ties the knot with Zach, and the two get married.

Love Is Blind season 4 ending explained:

What happens to Marshall and Jackelina?

Jackelina and Marshall have a falling out, followed by the nastiest breakup of Love Is Blind season 4. Their journey on the show starts off in a rather adorable rom-com style where two worlds on the opposite ends of the spectrum (personality-wise) collide and give birth to what everyone thinks is a truly great romantic relationship.

However, Jackelina suffers from frequent pangs of anxiety regarding her family and how her life back at home is really very different, coupled with the tensions over whether she’d truly be compatible with Marshall or not. While Marshall tries his best, their relationship suffers one argument after the other.

It all devolves into a big fight and Jackelina tells Marshall she can’t continue to be in this relationship, as he gets over their dysfunctional dynamic too. They part ways, and Jackelina seems to go for second innings with Josh, a contestant she really connected with earlier on in the show.

What happens to Zach, Irina & Bliss?

Zaxh chooses Irina over Bliss during the dating in the pods, instantly regretting his decision when Irina’s behavior towards him is anything but similar to what it was inside the pods.

They soon breakup due to the utter lack of intimacy and affection, and Zach tries to find a second chance with Bliss, and gradually, their relationship is rekindled, and the two eventually get engaged.

Bliss meets Zach’s family and Zach meets Bliss’s mother, which makes for a heartwarming moment. However, her father is a bit on the unsure side when it comes to approving their relationship.

Ultimately, the two put the bitter parts of their journey aside and accept each other for the similarities they share and the qualities they appreciate in each other. The season finale sees them tie the knot and get married.

What happens to Micah and Paul?

Micah hits it off well with Kwame Appiah at the start of Love Is Blind season 4, along with Paul, who she shares great chemistry with as well. At the end, she chooses Paul over Kwame, and the two embark on the next phase of their relationship after getting engaged.

Their physical chemistry is also great but the first topic of strife between them is when Micah’s friends turn out to be rather abruptly mean out of nowhere. At the end of the season, Paul also reveals that he never quite felt that the love he was putting out was ever reciprocated in a manner he wished for.

His growing concerns and cold feet before the wedding lead to him saying no at the altar, breaking off their relationship in a rather heartbreaking manner, as Micah storms off crying and Paul has to live the moments of pain with a heavy heart.


  • Love Is Blind season 4 finale is rife with heartwarming moments but the sweetness is often soured by the dysfunction in certain couples.
  • Kwame and Chelsea are married but the former stays true to form in his expressions that don’t seem genuine even in the slightest even now, making for a very bittersweet scene as they toast to themselves, with the doubts over their sustained relationship looming large as ever.
  • Micah and Paul’s fiasco may seem to be the worse thing over here but one overlooked view here might be that it’s actually a positive that Paul ends things rather than get into a relationship he feels unsure about and breaks it off later on.
  • Marshall’s arrival at Tiffany and Brett is made out to be a dramatic cameo with all the bells and whistles of a victim of unrequited love, but it only comes off as rather funny. Meanwhile, the couple’s wedding is all that one would have expected from it, as Tiffany and Brett go home with all the marital bliss they deserve.
Love Is Blind season 4 episode 12
Love Is Blind season 4 episode 12 recap, review & ending explained 1

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