Love & Death season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Big Top

In the sixth episode of Love & Death, the trial of Candy Montgomery begins. While Don tries hard to protect Candy and face Judge Ryan, Candy seems to be slipping. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Candy is holding herself together as she continues to be the talk of the town. At times like these, her friends, like Sherry, visit and comfort her. Candy has dressed up the way Don has told her to in order to look simple and innocent.

Robert comes to pick up Candy for the trial. Apparently, Pat can’t be with Candy, as only parties and lawyers can get side access. Before the jury members are selected, Don decides to let everyone know that Candy did kill Betty, but in self-defense.

After the revelation, Don faces the media and also convinces Ron to support Candy from the church’s side. Betty’s father calls Allan to inquire if what the media is saying is true, and he intends to come to the trial.

The talk about the trial reaches Candy’s dinner table. Jackie comes to visit Candy. She is shocked that Candy didn’t tell her that she killed Betty. Jackie refrains from supporting Candy and lets her know that she won’t come to the trial.

At the very first hearing, Don is punished for talking to the media, as the court had issued an order restricting the counsel from speaking about the case in public. Don brought this punishment upon himself by crossing Judge Ryan.

Allan is first brought in for questioning. Don manages to make Allan confess how Allan thought Betty was suicidal, that Candy had no reason to kill Betty, and that only Betty knew where the axe was.

After the hearing, Betty’s father doubts if Allan is trying to protect Candy. He wonders why Betty’s death doesn’t bother him. Allan then lets him know that he and Betty were not getting along anyway.

Candy’s friends and neighbors are questioned during the second hearing. After the second hearing, Don notices that Candy is not in her right mind. Candy reveals that she has been taking Serax to calm her nerves.

Don says she can’t look robotic; she needs to look human or else she will be going to jail. Candy counters by telling him that she needs to find some way to hold herself together.

Back home, Candy indulges in a heart-to-heart conversation with Pat. She asks him what he thought of her after hearing the whole story from Don. Pat says he is glad things didn’t go the other way. Betty was bigger than Candy, and she could have easily killed her.

Don has continued to criticize Judge Ryan on TV. Don is baiting him because if Ryan holds him in contempt again, Don can argue bias on appeal.

At the next hearing, the cops are questioned. Don proves that the investigators have no idea who attacked first, and if Candy planned this murder, it wouldn’t have been carried out this ineptly. Most importantly, the killer wouldn’t have used a weapon like an axe if they were planning to not get killed in the process.

The murder of Betty Gore turns from whodunnit to whydunnit. Don again notices that Candy is on something. He lets her know that she will be questioned next. If her head is not clear, she will be walking into jail.

The doctors are questioned, and it is mentioned that Betty was attacked 40 times with the axe. Don is able to protect Candy, as the doctors are still not sure who attacked first.

Don is asked to bring his first witness to the box. Candy is his first witness, and she is not in the right mind. Don asks Judge Ryan for some time, but all Ryan gives Don is 10 minutes, not more than that.


  • The sixth episode loses its element of thrill a little. Except for a few minor developments, the show repeated the facts the viewers already know during this episode, which primarily takes place inside the courthouse.
  • What Love & Death gets right is that these scenes inside the courthouse are quick, not slow. Don appears as an adept lawyer during these scenes, despite being new to handling a criminal case.
  • Love & Death has continued to paint Candy as a human being and has successfully done that job. A viewer is left baffled, wondering how someone like Candy can murder.
Love & Death season 1 episode 6
Love & Death season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Big Top 1

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