Los Espookys season 2 episode 6 recap & review: El Eclipse

Los Espookys ‘El Eclipse’ sees the crew staging an eclipse during Mayor Teresa’s last election speech; Tico helps Andrés; Renaldo seeks closure over Karina’s murder.


Sonia wakes up and the first thing she does is rip Tico’s remaining esteem apart by showing him the dress he made for Beatriz having been rejected by her.

Moving from a shattered Tico to the presidential election, the situation seems dire for Teresa as a new poll shows De La Guardia enjoying a 92-point lead over Teresa’s 8.

Úrsula watches the poll when Renaldo comes in and tells her why he’s been having visions of Karina all this time.

It’s because she was having an affair with De La Guardia and he wanted to silence her from making it public, consequently killing her.

Renaldo surmises this must be why she can’t pass over and haunts him with the visions. Úrsula presses on that they must do something to defeat the guy.

Teresa has other plans though, and pays less heed to Renaldo’s plan involving a wolf, although she does like it.

Teresa tells them instead, to fake an eclipse, to distract the audience while she adjusts her skimpy top that would otherwise be falling down for the entirety of the speech (to reveal a Tweety Bird tattoo on her breast).

The crew gets on working and the speech day arrives. Teresa does her job as well, while Los Espookys successfully fake the eclipse.

Their job is also helped this time, by Andrés who has returned from his introspective vacation. Andrés had gone to a lighthouse thinking back on all the people that have called him out for freeloading and doing nothing on his own.

Tico also arrives near the lighthouse, sulking and grieving over his life of recurring failures. He climbs atop the lighthouse and helps Andrés realize his mistake.

The realisation dawns on Andrés, albeit only in a trademark insufficient quantity. Anyway, off he goes to the team and he’s changed man now.

To get the real eclipse, he even goes to the real deal and apologizes for standing her up last time and not following his promise. To apologise, he gives away his earring too, an act that the Los Espookys group commends him for.

However, he later gets his earring back at the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Teresa’s plan actually works and she wins the election. The Los Espookys crew celebrates as Andrés heads out to reflect.

Meanwhile, Renaldo meets Karina once again, except it’s the real, physical deal. Karina is not dead, she was just drugged and kidnapped by De La Guardia to silence her.

However, instead of running away from him now that he doesn’t have the same power, she wants to remain with him. She’s a victim of a toxic relationship she can’t get out of and ignores her friends, therapist, and family.

She bids Renaldo farewell after telling him that he’s good at doing what other people want.

This strikes his psyche visibly and later he goes to stand up for himself against Sonia and gets his bed back from her, and she even compliments him for doing that.

Meanwhile, Tico is inspired by one of Tati’s books and goes back to doing what he’s best at — Valet Parking.

Andrés has become an owner of a grand mansion thanks to some legal paperwork and inheriting the business he was always inevitably going to inherit.

Los Espookys season 2 finale ends with Tati going to a room and asking for some privacy. Inside the room, she closes all the blinds and goes to open her mystical purse but the credits roll just as the contents therein are about to be revealed.


  • Los Espookys season 2 finale is a great and satisfying ride despite the surreal absurdism keeping up the same energy this time around as well.
  • Renaldo’s Karina problem is resolved in a subversive manner where it’s a dud and no legal battles or exposé is allowed.
  • However, Karina does end up helping Renaldo realize one crucial thing about himself, though. He learns the lesson that he’s got to stand up for himself, which he applies against Sonia later on.
  • Tico also learns the lesson, which entails him realizing he’s got to go back to what he’s good at. He seems to be making Valet Parking a new thing as Tati did with her transcribing career for a while.
  • Meanwhile, Andrés is still pretty vain and a resident of the ninth cloud. However, he’s learned a couple of crucial lessons in temporary selflessness.
  • Ursula’s efforts at defeating De La Guardia pay off, but the way they do seem iffy at best. It’ll be fascinating to see what she does with Teresa and the politics moving ahead.
  • What’s the mystery of Tati’s purse? The answer to the question is a cliffhanger that sets up perhaps one of the main plots of the next season.
Los Espookys season 2 episode 6
Los Espookys season 2 episode 6 recap & review: El Eclipse 1

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