Los Espookys season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Las Muchas Caras de Un Hombre

In Los Espookys season 2 episode 4, Tati’s books sell like hotcakes; Úrsula helps Mayor Lobos prepare for the debate; Andrés contends with the kids of his new partner; Uncle Tico works on a dress for his niece; Renaldo continues to see visions of Karina.


Tati’s books (the ones where she writes audiobooks of classic literature) start selling like hotcakes all over the schools. Teachers start adding Tati’s versions to the curriculum rather than the original ones.

Big publishers meet up with Tati and offer to buy one of her book’s rights. Tati demands no less than eight US dollars, receiving the money with her characteristic innocently cocky flair.

Úrsula goes to mentor Mayor Lobos more for her upcoming debate. Mayor Lobos is devoted to learning more but that’s the extent of her efforts for the presidential seat.

Mayor Lobos falls short of words in the debate and can’t understand what specific terms mean. So she turns to Úrsula to take the helm of questions and debates

Meanwhile, Los Espookys get a case involving a returning client. A wholly hyper-anxious and annoying lady wants her husband to see how difficult it can be to live with him.

Los Espookys get to work while their own personal lives have a lot going on at the moment. Andrés, meanwhile, tries to get rid of the kids as much as he can.

Finally, his new partner is fed up and when Andrés gives him an ultimatum of choosing him vs the kids, the relationship comes to an end.

At the job where the gang has put on masks over many people to show the client’s husband how it feels like to be surrounded by the same face.

However, at the wrong minute, the client lady storms in and shows it to her meek husband, trying to get a therapeutic result from all this.

Uncle Tiko’s watching TV as he hears some arguments. It’s his niece who wants a sexier dress. Tico doesn’t know how to sew one but starts trying anyway.

Meanwhile, Renaldo keeps seeing Karina. At first, he tells Uncle Tico that he won’t be following his advice. However, when no improvements happen he heads off to the graveyard.

Meanwhile, he’s also trying to find out what his sexuality is. He tries to determine his sexual identity by watching adult films but no matter the video, Karina popped into the screen.

Renaldo reaches the graveyard and sees that Karina’s corpse is not in the coffin; someone has taken them away and now Renaldo must find out who and why they did what they did.


  • Los Espookys season 2 episode 4 is lower on laughs than its predecessor, instead focusing on the individual stories about the characters.
  • Renaldo’s storyline with Karina moves forward and now he’s perhaps more interested in the investigation behind the corpse that’s not there.
  • Meanwhile, Renaldo also wonders about his sexuality and tries to determine what it is through a hilarious exercise involving watching p*rn.
  • Úrsula’s efforts at helping Mayor Lobos are of little avail and it seems like the show is setting up Úrsula to eventually run for president herself.
  • Episode 4 does delve into the personal exploration of the characters but the gags and goofs fall short of the laughs that the previous episodes have been able to inflict.
Los Espookys season 2 episode 4
Los Espookys season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Las Muchas Caras de Un Hombre 1

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