Loki season 2 episode 3 recap & review: 1893

In episode 3 of Loki, Mobius and Loki track down Ravonna Renslayer and come face to face with a variant of He Who Remains. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Ravonna arrives in Chicago, in 1868, where she meets Miss Minutes. The A.I. asks Ravonna if she has the package she was requested to bring, and upon confirmation, tells Ravonna that she must drop it through a very specific window.

This is all according to the plan hatched by He Who Remains, and the package is a TVA manual, which is dropped into the room of a young Victor Timely, one of the variants of He Who Remains.

At the TVA, O.B. tells everyone how serious the issue with the Loom is and how if they aren’t able to scale it, the TVA will be destroyed. They get a hit on Ravonna’s tempad and figure that if they find her, they will find Miss Minutes who will be able to help.

Loki and Mobius arrive in 1868 and when they find no signs of her, they go to the same location in 1893 which was the last known location of the tempad. It is the Chicago World’s Fair and Mobius is sure that this is where Ravonna might be.

They explore the fair looking for clues and find a newspaper with an article about a ghost clock terrorizing people in the area. Loki spots a sign promoting Victor Timely’s temporal anomalies.

They head over to the hall where the demonstration is happening and spot Ravonna there as well. Victor presents an early prototype of the Temporal Loom and claims that it can turn time into power.

He successfully convinces a wealthy man to part with a thousand dollars for the invention and makes his getaway, with Ravonna, Loki, and Mobius going after him.

Ravonna also wishes to fix the loom but her goal is to preside over the TVA alongside Victor rather than any sense of care for the people in the various timelines.

The man who bought Victor’s machine comes after him after realizing that he was cheated, and a chase ensues. Loki manages to get to Victor, but Sylvie shows up right then to kill Victor.

The two of them argue the reasoning behind keeping him alive until Loki and Sylvie blast each other with their powers. Ravonna gathers Victor and they manage to sneak away.

He tells her that he can only leave once he gets his latest prototype from his lab in Wisconsin. On the ferry, Ravonna reveals that she was the one who dropped the book through his window when he was younger.

However, Miss Minutes reminds her that it was a predetermined plan and there is a hint of jealousy when she sees Ravonna and Victor getting closer. She convinces Victor to abandon Ravonna in the middle of the lake.

They get to the lab so that Victor can grab his stuff, but Miss Minutes stalls for time and tells him that he created her and allowed her to have wants and needs of her own, but he doesn’t give her an actual body.

She wishes to be corporeal so that she can rule beside him because she is in love with him, but Victor is freaked out by her behavior and sends her back to the tempad.

Ravonna shows up and says that she’s the one in charge now, threatening to end him if he doesn’t listen to her. Loki and Mobius arrive and Mobius tries to talk some sense into Ravonna but she has had enough of being overlooked and under appreciated despite what she has done for the TVA.

Sylvie blasts them all with her powers and walks up to Victor with a blade in her hand. He pleads with her to let him go and says that he can make his own choices because he’s not the same person she killed at the end of time.

She reluctantly lets Loki and Mobius leave with Victor, while she sends Ravonna to the End of Time. Ravonna stands before the body of He Who Remains and lets Miss Minutes out of the tempad.

Miss Minutes says that Victor made the mistake of making an enemy out of someone who knows all of his secrets. She claims that she knows a secret involving Ravonna that is going to make her very angry.


  • Not the strongest episode, but that is down to the incredibly high standards that the series has set for itself. There are still good moments but this episode exists to set up the character of Victor Timely and Ravonna’s involvement.
  • Miss Minutes is turning out to be a truly despicable character and Tara Strong is a legend in this field so she is perfectly suited to voicing this role.
  • The camera work is just brilliant and adds an extra oomph to the series. The roving camera following characters around while they walk has been employed multiple times but it still feels eye-catching.
Loki season 2 episode 3
Loki season 2 episode 3 recap & review: 1893 1

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