Loki season 2 episode 1 recap & review: Ouroboros

In Marvel’s Loki season 2, the titular God of Mischief returns to a starkly different TVA and hopes to save it from the oncoming war he was warned about. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Loki is running away from Mobius and B-15 who do not recognize him and jumps off the edge of a platform to get to the lower levels. He crashes into an office where he runs into Casey, who also doesn’t recognize him.

He then contorts and disappears before finding himself in the same room, but Casey now recognizes him. He then notices a crack on the floor that he made moments earlier and realizes that he’s moving through time.

He asks Casey where Mobius and B-15 are but as Casey turns away to show him, Loki disappears again. Mobius and B-15 are now observing the timelines branch off countlessly when Casey informs them that he just saw Loki.

Mobius tries to ask Miss Minutes for help finding Loki but she isn’t working. Hunter X-5 shows up and tells Mobius and B-15 that they are being called to the war room where Judge Gamble and General Dox are waiting for them.

Loki reappears and finds out about the war room meeting so he rushes over there. He slips once again and reaches the war room from the past and comes across a recording of He Who Remains talking to Ravonna Renslayer.

In the sacred timeline, Judge Gamble and General Dox are asking B-15 and Mobius for an explanation for why they do not want to prune any branches. B-15 says that those branches contain actual lives and cannot be sacrificed so casually.

Judge Gamble votes in favor of keeping the branches until they can figure out their next steps, much to General Dox’s frustration. Loki returns to the sacred timeline and reveals that He Who Remains was the real creator of the TVA and he pulled every one of them from their own timelines.

Mobius pulls Loki aside to get an idea of what is going on. General Dox tells X-5 that they need to find Sylvie and learn what happened at the end of time. Loki keeps switching between time periods and Mobius says he knows someone who can help.

They head down to Repairs & Advancements where they meet Ouroboros, or O.B., who calls what Loki is going through as time-slipping. O.B. says that there is no way to fix it, but Loki slips into the past and speaks to O.B.’s past self to figure out a way.

O.B. tells them that they need to pull Loki’s aura out of the temporal loom and then prune him moments after so that he is pulled to the sacred timeline definitively. It is a high-risk mission and Loki and Mobius could both lose their lives.

A power surge hits and they mention that it’s been going on all day because of the infinite branching timelines which worries O.B. He takes them down to the temporal loom which converts raw time energy to the threads of the sacred timeline.

It is incredibly unstable because it wasn’t made to handle so many branches and O.B. says that there is a very short window for them to get Loki fixed.

Loki slips into the future this time and rushes to find a time stick to prune himself with while Mobius heads out to loom to place the aura extractor. Loki rushes through the halls with time running out for him.

Mobius wants to wait but O.B. says that he must close the blast doors. Loki reaches an elevator shaft and she acknowledges him before someone prunes him from behind.

Loki comes rushing out of the time stream and knocks into Mobius, sending them back inside just in time. General Dox is gathering a large number of hunters to find Sylvie and fix the problem.

In a post-credits scene, Sylvie arrives in 1982, Broxton, Oklahoma in a branched timeline. She walks into a nearby McDonald’s and asks to try everything on the menu.


  • With only 6 episodes, the series has to make an impression very quickly and this is a very strong start. Loki is one of the stronger shows within the MCU catalogue and this season might be no different.
  • Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson have brilliant comedic chemistry together and every scene with them is brilliant. Even the more intense moments are touching and have the audience watching in awe.
  • The cinematography employed while O.B. leads everyone to the Temporal Loom is fascinating. The moving camera adds urgency to the scene and is backed up by the slick performances.
  • Ke Huy Quan is going through an incredible renaissance and he is perfect for this kind of role. His quirkiness and energy is a joy to watch.
Loki season 2 episode 1
Loki season 2 episode 1 recap & review: Ouroboros 1

Director: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

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