Loki season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Breaking Brad

In episode 2 of Loki, Mobius, B-15, and Loki attempt to bring some balance to the TVA and find out where Sylvie is. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Mobius and Loki arrive in 1977 London at a movie premiere because they got the last traces of X-5’s tempad before it was deactivated. X-5 is going by the name Brad Wolfe and has carved a life for himself as a successful actor.

Loki and Mobius confront Brad so he tries to make a run for it. He isn’t able to outrun Loki’s magic and eventually gets captured. They recover a modified tempad on his person and he tells them that it is used to mask a signal.

Brad is taken back to the TVA and imprisoned while the tempad is taken to O.B. He says that he could check it out but that would delay him working on a way to stabilize the Temporal Loom.

B-15 asks Casey if he’s got any hits on Ravonna Renslayer but he says that there’s no sign of her, although he has found hints of some communication between her and someone else.

Mobius and Loki are working on the tempad when Casey and B-15 walk up to share some important info. Casey says that Miss Minutes is the one helping Ravonna, which is why they haven’t been able to find her.

Casey then notices the tempad and says that the modifications don’t mask the signal. They hand it to him to figure out while they interrogate Brad.

The three of them go into Brad’s cell but he is a talented hunter and he knows all of their methods. He even manages to get under Mobius’ skin and evokes a reaction from him.

Loki and Mobius head to the automate and get a bite to eat to cool down. Loki asks Mobius if he ever thinks about the real life that he had within the timeline but Mobius says that he would rather not.

During their discussions, they figure out a way to get Brad using Loki’s mischievousness. O.B. completes the machine that might help but when he tries unlocking the blast doors, he is unable to get through.

Brad gets a visit from Loki and Mobius who bring in a torture machine. When Mobius steps out for a second, Loki shuts the door and threatens to end Brad unless he gives them a location.

It’s all a trick, however, and it is successful as Brad says he knows where Sylvie is. O.B. tells B-15 and Casey that the only way they can override the lock to the blast doors is with Miss Minutes’ help.

Brad takes Mobius and Loki to the McDonald’s where Sylvie is working a regular job, but Brad is very anxious to get back to the sacred timeline and keeps rushing them.

Sylvie has no interest in what Loki has to say but they are interrupted when Bard finally reveals why General Dox is planning. She intends to prune all of the timelines at once and get rid of them permanently.

Sylvie uses her powers to get the location from Brad and they head over there to stop it. They arrive a little late and while they thwart General Dox, it is not before several timelines are already pruned.

Sylvie is disappointed that the TVA let this happen and goes back to her own timeline.


  • Brad is quite the addition to this episode and his contribution is great. Seeing the difference between “Brad Wolfe” and “X-5” is great and Rafael Casal’s performance is wonderful.
  • Once again, the cinematographers and DOP’s deserve special praise for the way the series looks. The framing of the scenes, and the color schemes, are all extremely dynamic and eye-catching.
  • Mobius and Loki are certainly a popular ship at this point and their chemistry together is spectacular. Hiddleston and Wilson are enjoying their time together and it is very clear.
Loki season 2 episode 2
Loki season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Breaking Brad 1

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