Little Women season 1 episode 9 recap & review

In episode 9 of Little Women, In-kyung does something drastic save her sister and later finds a new way to expose Park Jae-sang to the world. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


In-joo is holding up a gun to Sang-a but she’s still feeling the effects of the orchid tea. A few guards walk in and take control of the situation. Sang-a says that she doesn’t care about the money, she just wants to finish her play by killing In-joo.

Do-il gets in and fights off some of the guards. Sang-a then suggests killing him and her and making it look like they fought over the money but Do-il reveals that he’s on the phone with Park Jae-sang who asks his wife to stop.

In-kyung is at Park Jae-sang’s house with the slush fund ledgers and she offers to give them if her sister is left alive. Sang-a has no choice but to listen and leaves. In-joo tells Do-il where she hid the money before she passes out.

Jae-sang tells In-kyung that she’s at the end of her rope and with no ledgers, she has no more evidence to take him down. He also reveals that her boss, Jo Wan-gyu, is on the side of the Jeongran Society.

She confronts him and he tells her that he had no choice after his wife died and he had no job. He pledged loyalty to the society in exchange for the freedom to report what he wanted. He also tries to convince In-kyung to join them but she declines.

She then has a drink with Jong-ho to drown out the sadness of learning that one of her mentors turned out to be corrupt. Jong-ho suggests leaving for the States with him and lets his feelings for her be known but she draws a line and tells him that she has to stay and fight.

In-kyung calls Hee-jae and asks him if she can join his plan to kill Park Jae-sang. She then gets an email telling her that she’s on the right track but she’s asking the wrong questions.

In-hye and Hyo-rin are shocked by the revelation that it is Sang-a who possibly killed Hwa-young. They make a plan to take Hyo-rin’s money and flee to another country the next day.

In-joo wakes up in bed at the hotel with Do-il watching over her. He tells her that he’s put the money in a company he created under her name. He’s all mapped out an escape plan to Greece where she can arrange for her sisters to come.

He also implies that they will never meet again because Sang-a will never forget his betrayal and come after him.

Sang-a reaches back home and she uses her charm to order Jae-sang to have In-kyung killed because she humiliated her. Jae-sang tells Soo-im to get rid of her by the end of the day.

Jong-ho calls In-joo while she’s at the airport and tells her that In-kyung’s house is a mess and that she’s missing. In-joo scraps her initial plans and goes back home to find her sister.

Hyo-rin and In0hye planned to run away after school but In-hye goes missing and Hyo-rin collapses from the shock. When she wakes up, her mother tells her that In-hye went to Japan on her own and Hyo-rin still covers up for her.

In reality, Sang-a kidnaps her and placed her in a closed room somewhere where In-hye finds evidence that someone else lived many years ago, Sang-a’s mother. Sang-a tells In-hye that she just needs to stay there for a little while but In-hye believes she will die there.

The police don’t believe In-joo and Jong-ho when they says that In-kyung might have been kidnapped. In-joo gets a call from the St Benedictus Psychiatric Hospital asking for In-joo’s guardian. When she says that she herself is In-joo, the hospital gets confused.

It is revealed that In-kyung checked herself under her sister’s name and then disappeared. Earlier, when In-kyung received an email it turned out to be from Won Sang-woo so she snuck in with Hee-jae’s help who provided floor plans of the hospital.

In-kyung reaches Sang-woo’s room and learns the truth behind Park Jae-sang’s quest to become president. Go Soo-im arrives just then and In-joo and Jong-ho try to distract her while In-kyung escapes with Sang-woo so that he can testify against the Jeongran Society once she gets the evidence.

Do-il also shows up to free In-joo and Jong-ho after they’re captured and they all meet at Hee-jae’s secret residence. Hee-jae says that in 3 days he plans to kill Park Jae-sang at a rally but In-kyung has renewed belief that she can expose his crimes.

In-joo leaves with Do-il to check on In-hye. Sang-woo sneaks away and calls Jae-sang to set up a meeting. He tells Jae-sang that he just wants funds to move far away for which he’ll keep quiet.

Park Jae-sang arrives at the meeting spot and Sang-woo sneaks up on him and points a gun at his head.


  • The episode starts and ends in the same dramatic manner, with one person pointing a gun at another. That’s a cool bit of storytelling as the business end of the series approaches.
  • It’s a little off-putting to see how macabre In-hye feels about death and the way she’s generally spoken throughout the series. She has had a tough childhood but to consider running away at such a young age to a different country feels too far-fetched in this situation.
  • The business with the Blue Orchid just feels confusing. What’s the reason it was adopted as a symbol of the Jeongran Society? What is the deal with people making wishes and placing their orchids with the Father tree?
  • What exactly is happening when someone sniffs the vapours of the flower and how is it connected to the people’s deaths? There are still quite a few loose ends that need to be addressed before the show is out.
Little Women season 1 episode 9
Little Women season 1 episode 9 recap & review 1

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