Little Women season 1 episode 8 recap & review

Episode 8 of Little Women sees In-joo and Choi Do-il travel to Singapore to find out who has been impersonating her in the country. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Choi Do-il tells In-joo about the imposter in Singapore and asks her if she will go with him to find out who it is. She agrees to go and informs In-kyung to just be ready to leave at a moment’s notice because things aren’t safe.

Park Jae-sang goes to see Won Sang-a in her room. She appears to be sedated and asks him when she will be free so he tells her that she needs to stay inside for just one more day.

Hyo-rin hacks into the CCTV of her house and runs a loop so that she and In-hye can move around the house freely. They open the safe in her father’s room to take out the documents of her private accounts.

Then she sneaks into her mother’s room to tell her that everything is in place for them to run away. In-hye stays outside the room and listens in as Won Sang-a tells her daughter that she’s made up with her father and then whispers something in her ear.

In-joo and Choi Do-il arrive in Singapore and In-joo gets VIP treatment at the hotel because of her name. In-kyung wakes up in the middle of the night to find Choi Do-il’s father, Choi Hee-jae, looking at the evidence she has gathered on the Jeongran Society.

He agrees to speak to her only as long as she ensures that it’ll be broadcast on a public platform for everyone to see. He then takes her to his truck which is filled with weapons. He tells her that he plans on killing Park Jae-sang to protect his son but she insists they do things the right way.

Everywhere that In-joo and Choi Do-il go, people seem to recognize In-joo and the two of them get suspicious. They head to the Orchid auction to find whoever is impersonating In-joo. In-joo outbids everyone at the auction and once again, someone mentions that they saw her somewhere else just a little while ago.

In-joo believes that Hwa-young might still be alive and she’s desperate to catch up to her. Park Jae-sang asks In-hye about Hyo-rin visiting her mother and whether it was In-hye’s idea to do it. In-hye tells him that he should just leave the children alone and they’ll be fine.

He is on a TV program where his wife is supposed to make an appearance but Hyo-rin shows up instead. He is incensed and asks Hyo-rin if she planned this with her mother to help her escape but she says that she thought she was giving her father a surprise.

In-joo and Choi Do-il head to all the banks to withdraw the 70 billion won and along the way, In-kyung sends In-joo a message telling her not to trust Choi Do-il because In-hye said that Park Jae-sang is up to something.

She also gets a message passed to her from presumably Hwa-young telling her that she’s not safe. A distraction is orchestrated so that In-joo can get away from Choi Do-il and into a car that will take her to Hwa-young’s apartment.

In-hye wonders how Park Jae-sang knew that Hyo-rin sneaked into her mother’s room and checks his computer. She finds footage of a camera in Won Sang-a’s room and then checks an older date, witnessing something that truly shocks her.

She is extremely worried for In-joo and calls In-kyung to tell her that their sister might be in grave danger.

In-joo is in the back of the car Hwa-young sent and they’re being followed. They get hit by a truck and In-joo is sent to the hospital where she momentarily sees Hwa-young who tells her that she needs to take the money and run away as far as possible.

Choi Do-il arrives at the hospital but In-joo is gone by then. She goes to Hwa-young’s apartment and enters with her fingerprint as Hwa-young told her. In-joo takes a swig of the drink on the table and wonders why she was given such a large amount of money.

Hours later, the door opens and In-joo is excited to meet Hwa-young but it turns out to be Won Sang-a. Won Sang-a used her daughter as a distraction to escape and then orchestrated the whole chain of events to make In-joo believe that Hwa-young was alive.

In-hye shows Hyo-rin footage of Won Sang-a leaving her room with a fur coat on the night of Hwa-young’s murder and returning without one. She adds that Hwa-young died with a fur coat on, implying that Won Sang-a killed her.

Won Sang-a tells In-joo that from the moment she was interviewed at the accounting firm, she was chosen as the lead patsy in Won Sang-a’s secret play and that Hwa-young was a part of the play until she wasn’t useful anymore.

She tells In-joo her death has also been planned out and that the drink she had was actually the blue orchid tea which means she’ll pass out soon. In-joo says she wants to see the money once before dying but when Won Sang-a opens the suitcase, she finds that it is full of bricks and when she turns around, In-joo is standing up and pointing a gun at her, the gun that Choi Do-il gave her while telling her not to trust anyone.


  • Episode 8 is another brilliant one with easily the most exciting endings yet. The big reveal at the climax of the episode truly amps up the excitement in the series.
  • There were a few differences in the depiction of certain characters during this episode. Hyo-rin gets a chance to show that she isn’t as helpless as she’s considered to be while Won Sang-a is revealed to be an evil mastermind who has been planning things for a while.
  • The cliffhanger ending after that final sequence builds anticipation for the next episode which hasn’t happened too often or not at this level so far in the series. It signifies that the closer the end gets, the more drama will be involved.
Little Women season 1 episode 8
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