Little Women season 1 episode 7 recap & review

In episode 7 of Little Women, In-joo and In-kyung learn a little bit more about the Jeongran Society and come up with a plan to expose them to the world. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


In-kyung walks in on In-joo who is sitting by their dead great-aunt in a pool of blood. Mr Choi also rushes in and In-joo says that this is all her fault for bringing the orchid.

At the funeral, Won Sang-a sits down with In-joo and tells her how her great aunt helped Sang-a when her own mother died while she was young. She tells In-joo to move on from it but In-joo insists that she won’t rest until she finds out who is really responsible.

A lawyer meets with Hye-seok’s family and announces her assets and liabilities. Since she was technically in debt, the others decide to forgo their share and In-kyung assumes all the responsibility.

In-kyung shares the pain of hye-seok’s loss with her older sister and talks about wanting to make sure her wishes are fulfilled. In-kyung is officially handed all of her great aunt’s belongings and she’s at her house when In-joo calls her.

Hye-seok’s caretaker is on the news for confessing to her murder. He says that he lost a lot of money in the real estate market because of her and wanted to get his revenge. Jong-ho enters as In-joo and In-kyung are watching his confessions.

They all notice that he had a blue orchid in his hand so they go to Hye-seok’s office to see where it was left behind. Jong-ho notices that the room dimensions are off and they find a secret room with an empty safe and the orchid.

In-kyung says that she wants to get to the bottom of this murder and expose everyone involved, while In-joo tells her about the 70 billion won and how she’ll give in-kyung the ledgers to write an expose on Park Jae-sang before they all escape with the money.

Park Jae-sang wins the primaries in the mayoral election and In-kyung notices that his speech is similar to the one his father gave when he was in Vietnam. She also notices Hye-seok in the same video and they begin investigating the members of the Jeongran Society and their connection to the war.

They learn that Choi Do-il’s father is the only remaining member whose fate is unknown. They decide to visit his mother who is in jail so they can find out more.

Hyo-rin’s parents are fighting once again so In-hye uses this opportunity to suggest they check out the room upstairs that they couldn’t see last time. It is an attic with old belongings where they find an old art model of a room that looks exactly like the scene of Hwa-young’s death.

Choi Do-il’s mother meets with In-kyung and In-joo. In-kyung reads out the crime that she is in jail for and speculates that she was simply doing what someone else told her to do. In-joo tells her that her son is in danger and she needs to help them so she gives some information to pass on to Choi Do-il.

In-joo tells Mr Choi that she met his mother and then gives him a set of directions that he should follow. Mr Choi gives her a USB in return and says that their deal is off and he won’t be protecting her anymore.

Park Jae-sang has Mr Choi followed so that he can make sure he doesn’t do anything jeopardising. In-hye tells Hyo-rin that together they’ll make sure her mother doesn’t kill herself like Hwa-young or the woman in the scale model.

Mr Choi follows the directions after losing his tail, while In-kyung and Jong-ho also follow him. They reach a shed where an old man is staying and Mr Choi goes into his house at night.

The next morning In-kyung and Jong-ho visit the shed pretending to be lost hikers and in-kyung gets bitten by one of the dogs so that the man can treat her inside. Jong-ho wears a pair of recording glasses and looks around the house.

In-kyung reveals that she knows he is Mr Choi’s father and she would like his help to expose the Jeongran Society. He chases them away but In-kyung finds a name that she later visits.

Sang-a sends a message through In-hye asking In-joo to prepare some money for her so that she can escape to Singapore with the kids. Park Jae-sang chats with In-hye and tells her that he cares for his family and for her to be a part of their family, she has to cut off from her old family.

In-joo visits In-hye at school and tells her that the sisters will go to Singapore together very soon and not come back. In-hye remembers that it’s her birthday and gives her the memory card with the dash cam footage that was hidden earlier.

Mr Choi gives Park Jae-sang his father’s address and assures him that he can be trusted. The man that In-kyung visits tells her that Mr Choi’s father was an elite soldier and hunter. A team is sent to take him out but he rigs his shed to blow with them while he watches on from a distance.

Mr Choi visits In-joo at the fancy restaurant she’s in. Park Jae-sang asks him to take her out as a sign of his trust. Mr Choi shows In-joo an article stating someone by the name In-joo is already in Singapore for the Orchid preview show, suggesting that Hwa-young might not be dead yet.


  • This felt like a major episode with very clear story progression and significant reveals taking place. Seeing In-joo and In-kyung finally start to work together towards a common goal is very satisfying.
  • The score in this episode played a huge part as it considerably stood out. There are several scenes where the heavy lifting is done by the score as the characters stare at each other or towards a far-off subject with intensity.
  • Choi Do-il is an intriguing and unpredictable character and it will be interesting to see how he acts going forward. His defiance towards Ms Go and the way he plays both sides makes him an integral part of the story.
Little Women season 1 episode 7
Little Women season 1 episode 7 recap & review 1

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