Little Women season 1 episode 12 recap & review

In the final episode of Little Women, the mystery behind Jin Hwa-young’s survival is revealed while several other loose ends are tied up. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Jin Hwa-young enters the courtroom and asks to testify in front of the judge. She admits the embezzlement was carried out by Sang-a and herself and that In-joo was caught up in her plan for revenge.

In-joo is cleared of the major charges and when she’s taken home, she finds Hwa-young waiting for her. Hwa-young says that she expected In-joo to take the money and go somewhere far, not look into her death.

She learnt what In-joo was doing and tried to save her in Singapore but wasn’t able to. As soon as she was discharged from the hospital, she made her way to Seoul to help In-joo.

She then tells In-joo not to get involved in her business anymore as it might be dangerous. Choi Do-il calls In-joo and tells her that he’s got a lead on where In-hye is and she should accompany him.

Hwa-young reveals that she met someone online who wanted to commit suicide. She planned to use that to her advantage and fake her own death. However, Sang-a killed the other woman, which Hwa-young had recordings of.

She then tells the press about the accounting app she created and if they looked into it, they would find digital copies of the slush funds that Park Jae-sang burnt down.

In-kyung is waiting to hear back from Mr Jang who was supposed to give her the General’s memoir that had all the information about the Jeongran society. Mr Jang is with Sang-a discussing the future of the society in his stead.

She asks him why she was never considered for leadership and he tells her that she’s too selfish. When his back is turned, she stabs him with a syringe containing the blue orchid extract. She tells Ms Go to place Mr Jang’s body somewhere he can be found.

In-kyung and Jong-ho go to the school to meet Mr Jang and they find his body along with Ms Go’s men. The men grab In-kyung and rush away. Meanwhile, In-joo is on the plane with Do-il but she gets a message and sneaks out before the plane leaves.

Hwa-young is kidnapped by Sang-a and they’re waiting in the orchid room for In-joo. Sang-a told her to come if she wanted to save Hwa-young. In-joo arrives with a grenade she was given by Choi Hee-jae.

In-kyung is being brought to the house as well but the van is intercepted by Do-il who fights them off as Jong-ho arrives and takes In-kyung to safety.

Sang-a has filled the sprinklers with hydrochloric acid and didn’t plan on any of them leaving alive. In-joo brings up the fact that Sang-a killed her mother accidentally which is why she keeps killing other people in a similar manner.

She switches on the sprinklers but In-joo manages to save Hwa-young and they escape with minor burns. As Sang-a tries to pull In-joo back, she is thrown into the water around the tree and dies because of the acid.

Hwa-young lands in jail but she appears to be doing fine as In-joo visits her. In-kyung meets a young girl from Wonryeong school who gives her the General’s memoir. She reads it and reveals the history of how the Jeongran society was formed and what it stood for.

In-kyung plans to go to America with Jong-ho so that she can study. In-joo receives her late great aunt’s apartment as a gift.

Choi Do-il is seen with Hyo-rin and In-hye going to a bank. The account that the 70 billion was sent to was in Hyo-rin’s name and she was able to open it on her birthday. They split the money amongst themselves so that they can all live happy and peaceful lives.


  • Little Women ends on a happy and pleasing note but the series tried to do a little much in the final episode causing it to feel bloated.
  • The sudden explanation of why Sang-a is the way that she is, the much-awaited revelation of the Jeongran society and the mystery behind Jin Hwa-young’s supposed death are all explored in the episode and they land a little flat.
  • There’s a throwaway line about their parents travelling the world which again, doesn’t make sense as they were supposed to be deeply in debt.
Little Women season 1 episode 12
Little Women season 1 episode 12 recap & review 1

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