Little Women season 1 episode 11 recap & review

In episode 11 of Little Women, a trial begins against In-joo as In-kyung desperately tries to prove that her sister is innocent. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


The other side of Park Jae-sang’s suicide is revealed as they watch the results of the mayoral race. Sang-a hands him an orchid and he accepts his fate. They share one last moment together before he walks off a high building.

Sang-a tells Ms Go that now that her husband is gone, they can play around with In-joo and In-kyung before finally killing them. The police are outside calling for In-joo. They force the door open and arrest her as she’s on the phone with In-kyung.

In-joo says that the money is gone now and worries that Do-il took it. Choi Do-il is on the road with his mother when another car comes and rams into them. In-kyung tells In-joo in prison that Do-il was in an accident.

The news begins to report In-joo and In-kyung’s role in Hwa-young’s death and Sang-a tells Ms Jang Ma-ri that she wants people to believe that the sisters also caused Jae-sang’s death.

The public defender tells In-joo that there is far too much evidence against so she needs to plead guilty to embezzlement even if she wasn’t involved in the original crime.

The case begins and In-kyung realizes that she’s met Hwa-young before as well. She looks back and remembers that Hwa-young’s mother was part of the Bobae Savings Bank case. She tells In-joo that she wanted revenge and In-joo got caught in the middle of that.

In-joo tells In-kyung that they have to prove that it was Sang-a who murdered Hwa-young. She points her sister in the direction of the closed room and Sang-a’s art project which resembles the murders.

Sang-a meets with Jang Sa-pyoung, the principal of the school and last surviving member of the General’s unit. She tells him that he’ll be more involved from now and she asks him to get rid of In-kyung.

In-kyung confronts Ma-ri about her integrity and the ways she’s bending the truth on television. After Ma-ri leaves, a van comes and some men snatch In-kyung away.

Sang-a visits In-joo in jail just to mess with her head and tells her that she’ll remain in prison for 20 years and Sang-a will make sure it’s hell for her.

In-kyung is kidnapped by Sa-pyoung and he gets ready to torture her using the techniques he learnt in the CIA.

Choi Do-il is set to appear in court the next day but he’s testifying for the prosecution. He shows up and completely flips the script as he admits that In-joo is too financially illiterate to have carried out the embezzlement and the money is now in an account in Sang-a’s name.

His testimony improves In-joo’s chances massively. He meets with her after and tells her that he tried to reach her but wasn’t able to.

Jong-ho is still searching for In-kyung when he hears her name on the news. She’s on there to expose Sang-a’s involvement in the murder of Hwa-young and the bookkeeper before her. She presents the CCTV footage that In-hye gave In-joo as well as the fur coat that Hwa-young died in.

To put a rubber stamp on the evidence, she draws attention to the blue orchid and then is joined by Pwa-young who talks about the orchid and shows a picture of the tree in Sang-a’s house.

It is revealed that In-kyung convinced Pwa-young that Sang-a and Park Jae-sang went against the General’s original ideals and they need to be stopped, which is why Pwa-young agreed to share that information.

It is the day of the verdict and In-joo has to give her final statement. She talks about how much grief the money has brought to her closest loved ones and that she should be punished along with the others involved. Right then, a woman walks into the courtroom and it turns out to be Jin Hwa-young, alive and well.


  • Episode 11 brings the intensity down a notch but still includes a lot of pertinent scenes. Kim Go-eun is especially great in this episode, showing the anguish that she’s going through by being in jail for something she didn’t do.
  • The fact that the Jeongran society is still maintained as an organization with vague motivations of infiltrating the key fields of society is a bit frustrating. Why are they so dedicated to the blue orchid and why do they kill themselves without argument?
  • The entrance of Jin Hwa-young is mind-blowing and it will be intriguing to see what explanation she has for being alive when everyone thought she was dead.
Little Women season 1 episode 11
Little Women season 1 episode 11 recap & review 1

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