Little Women season 1 episode 10 recap & review

Major developments take place in episode 10 of Little Women as Park Jae-sang has to face some serious allegations and the real mastermind behind everything is revealed. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sang-woo faces up to Jae-sang and uses his phone to call Ms Go and tell her to make preparations for his escape. Jae-sang wrestles the gun away from Sang-woo but when he pulls the trigger it is revealed to be empty.

Jae-sang then beats Sang-woo to death as Sang-woo talks about his brother-in-law finally letting his true nature out. He goes home where Sang-a tells him he’s done a good job and gives him some sleeping pills to go to sleep.

In-joo and Do-il sneak into the house and go into Hyo-rin’s room to ask her where In-hye is. Hyo-rin tells them that she believes her mother is hiding In-hye somewhere before she notices her mother’s footsteps. Do-il opens the window and sees Sang-a outside heading to a different building in the compound.

Sang-a goes to where In-hye is kept and wakes her up. In-hye thinks it is her time to die but Sang-a just talks about how it was to have her mother live in that room alone for so long and then gives In-hye a picture to recreate.

In-joo, Do-il and Hyo-rin come in a little while later and rescue her from there. In-kyung notices that Sang-woo is missing and Hee-jae says that he must have run away because he was scared.

Jae-sang learns that Do-il is helping the sisters out and he tells Ms Go to have his mother released from prison as leverage. In-kyung is trying to reach out to news channels to tell her story without much luck. Hee-jae tells her that her efforts are futile.

Sang-a calls out to Hyo-rin around the house the next morning but her housekeeper tells her that In-joo is waiting to meet her. In-joo tells her that they took both girls with them but they left on their own before anyone woke up. Hyo-rin left a note for her mother saying that she wants to explore with In-hye and enjoy her life away from everything.

Sang-a asks In-joo if she trusts Do-il and tells her to be careful. In-joo asks In-kyung if she’d be willing to leave everything and go into hiding but In-kyung is determined to expose the truth. She then gets an email that truly shocks her into tears.

Hee-jae and Do-il are setting up at the location for Jae-sang’s rally when Do-il gets a message informing him that his mother tried to commit suicide and is admitted to the hospital.

Do-il goes there and meets Park Jae-sang who gives him an offer to keep his mother safe by betraying his father. He agrees to do it as long as he’s allowed to leave with his mother. Jae-sang asks him if he’ll also take the 70 billion from In-joo and he says yes.

He tells Jae-sang that his father has place sniper rifles at multiple locations and plans to kill him at the rally. He goes to the cabin with a bug planted and gets In-joo to sign over the power of attorney after In-kyung and Jong-ho read it as well.

He then tells In-joo to visit another veteran who will offer to buy all of Hee-jae’s guns that he’s collected over the years. What Hee-jae doesn’t know is that Jae-sang’s men rigged a bomb in his truck.

When he arrives at the veteran’s place where In-joo is waiting, the bomb goes off and Hee-jae goes up in flames before the other veteran douses him out and he’s taken to the hospital with a worried In-joo.

Do-il says he’ll be on a flight somewhere far away by then. Jae-sang is headed to a live news broadcast when he notices that In-kyung is a guest for an emergency bulletin. She has Do-il’s mother sitting next to her.

She reveals that they have evidence that she was coerced to take the fall for the murder she was accused of and the real murderer is Jae-sang’s father. Gradually, the real plan is revealed as Do-il orchestrated most of it. He gave In-kyung the DNA results looking into the weapon himself.

He also informed his father in advance which is how he managed to fake his burning and injuries. The contract he made In-joo sign was actually a message in English telling In-kyung and Jong-ho that they were being listened to.

Jae-sang tries to discredit In-kyung in front of everyone but she says that she has more news to reveal to the public. As Do-il, Hee-jae and In-joo are leaving the hospital, Hee-jae is grabbed by the police and the news is filled with his plans to kill Park Jae-sang and his connection with In-kyung.

Jae-sang is still leading in the polls and he attends his rally as Do-il and In-joo watch from afar. Do-il presses a button on his tablet and suddenly a video plays on the screen behind Jae-sang. It’s a recording of him killing Sang-woo.

In-kyung is once again on the news, and this time she reveals that she was sent a scheduled mail from Sang-woo with the recording and she wanted to reveal it to everyone. She says that she will gradually reveal more information soon.

Jae-sang still ends up winning the mayoral race and he watches the announcement with his wife in the General’s hospital room. In-kyung has been invited back to the news studio when they’re interrupted by breaking news.

A video of Park Jae-sang jumping off a building and committing suicide is revealed. In-kyung is left in shock by what she just witnessed. In-joo is at home when she gets a call from Sang-a.

Sang-a tells her that she tried to warn In-joo but it fell on deaf ears and now she’ll have to face the consequences. In-joo immediately checks her bank accounts and sees that 70 billion is gone. Right then, someone bangs on her door and then breaks in but it isn’t revealed who it is.


  • Another great episode filled with brilliant swerves to keep the audience on their toes. With just two more episodes to go, anything could still happen given the way this one ended.
  • Uhm Ji-won as Won Sang-a has been absolutely magnificent throughout the series. She has played a multitude of personalities and it has been thrilling to watch her development.
  • The children running away is a questionable decision with regards to the story but it gives them a nice escape from all the seriousness taking place in their lives. It doesn’t seem logically possible for them to last long on their own but for the series’ sake, one might need to ignore it.
  • The multiple plans that Do-il and In-kyung had and how these reveals are made later on are examples of great storytelling as it builds a false sense of security before the rug is pulled from underneath.
Little Women season 1 episode 10
Little Women season 1 episode 10 recap & review 1

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