King the Land season 1 episode 8 recap & review

In King the Land season 1 episode 8, Prince Samir arranges a party for Sa-Rang, making Gu Won jealous. Later, Won invites Sa-Rang on a date.


Prince Samir catches Sa-Rang and Gu Won being married in the traditional ceremony, the latter having deceived the prince. Later, Samir throws a party for Sa-Rang, and sends her as well as Gu Won their respective attire to be worn at the party.

Gu Won says he wishes to take responsibility for the upcoming anniversary event to which all the VIP guests are invited. Hwa-Ran confronts him about it. He says he wants no fight but he also can’t let her exploit the employees, as Hwa-Ran announces that their battle is on.

Pyeong-Hwa and Gang Da-Eul go to the sauna with Sa-Rang, performing skits loudly in front of other women to lure them in and buy products, in turn increasing their sales. Before that, Sa-Rang attends Prince Samir’s party and Gu Won serves as the butler.

Samir proposes to Sa-Rang, asking her to marry him, but she politely declines, praising him as a great guest. Samir, Sa-Rang, and Gu Won then enjoy the meal together and have a great time, before Prince Samir finally departs.

A nightmare makes Gu Won anxious and he arrives at the sauna to meet Sa-Rang to talk to her. He then helps her friends with the sales. Da-Eul and Pyeong-Hwa tell him to express his love to Sa-Rang and ask her out. He later invites Sa-Rang for a date next week.

The two enjoy the date as Gu Won makes impressive meals for Sa-Rang. When one of his flexes ends up creating a fire that sets off the water sprinkler. He goes and instinctually protects Sa-Rang, and this sudden moment inspires intimacy, as the two finally share a passionate kiss.


  • King the Land episode 8 ends with a satisfying scene as the two love birds finally seal the start of their relationship with a steamy kiss.
  • The chemistry between the two continues to attract all eyeballs as their interactions become more and more adorable by the minute.
  • Prince Samir’s costume selection at the start contains a cheeky reference to Squid Game which was quite fun to watch.
King the Land season 1 episode 8
King the Land season 1 episode 8 recap & review 1

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