King the Land season 1 episode 4 recap & review

In King the Land episode 4, Cheon Sa-Rang begins work at the VVVIP lounge of the hotel while Gu tries to establish contact with a romantic interest for the first time.


Sa-Rang’s promotion entails work upstairs at King the Land, and so she begins the new phase of her career at the hotel’s most VIP region. While the manager there is nothing but amicable, her superior colleagues are prejudiced against her.

Gu Won can’t stop thinking about Sa-Rang and decides to text her, asking her to meet him after work. She’s too busy to be looking at her phone and since she doesn’t have his personal info, she hangs up on the unidentified contact number.

He later gives her his card, also asking her for dinner, but she refuses. He then asks Sang-Sik to arrange a welcome dinner for the two of them, but when he arrives, he finds that all the other staffers are there too.

His special treatment of Sa-Rang earns her the ire of her colleagues and she later asks Gu to stay away from her. Meanwhile, the Chairman grows worried about the Royal Hotel leading King the Land in the lounge sales, so he asks his children to work together and succeed in their respective departments.

Ms. Gu visits all the establishments under her wing and gives each department a new sales goal. Gu meets his staff too and asks the manager to give him a sales goal, which he promises he will make happen and give them raised incentives.

King the Land episode 4 also sees Sa-Rang breaking up with her boyfriend, who keeps being dense and insensitive, prompting her to tell him a second time that they’re done for good. She also visits her grandmother for some respite from all this sadness.

The episode ends with Sa-Rang standing alone in the rain, crying after the scene with her ex, just as Gu arrives with an umbrella, telling her that this is his spot. The rom-com clichés arrive and she trips, only to be saved by Gu, who holds her as the two look into each other’s eyes, possibly with mutual attraction.


  • Episode 4 is a treat in many ways, but mostly because of Gu Won and his hilarious antics as he tries to get closer to Sa-Rang.
  • The mystery regarding her mother continues to be a bother, though, as it does little to make the content compelling.
  • The early raindrops of the central love story are falling and it’s always a good time with the rom-com clichés done right, which the episode does manage to achieve many times.
King the Land season 1 episode 4
King the Land season 1 episode 4 recap & review 1

Director: Im Hyun-wook

Date Created: 2023-06-25 20:30

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