King the Land season 1 episode 2 recap & review

In episode 2 of King the Land season 1, Sa-Rang and Gu Won confront each other, more than once, as he prepares to take the reins while she learns that her opinion of him has been based on a misunderstanding all this time.


Sa-Rang and Gu Won get through their second encounter. He recognizes her from all those years ago, and when she does too, she changes her tone and only apologizes to him for the present encounter, not the one years ago at the gym.

He asks her to stay away and not cross paths with him. However, even if she wants nothing more than that, their paths cross many times. When he gives his very brief inaugural speech, Sa-Rang learns that he’s the new head manager and gets terrified.

Late, Gu confronts Sa-Rang over the misunderstanding that transpired all those years ago at the gym and she realizes her mistake, following which she apologizes.

She later gets tasked to attend Gu’s welcome dinner as the staff rep. at the VIP lounge. There, she impresses Gu’s father who then asks her to give a speech, which she does. Then it’s Gu’s turn for the speech in which he takes a cheeky dig at her “fake smile.”

Sa-Rang is constantly disappointed by her boyfriend who’s invested in just about everyone else but her while Gu Won is constantly hurt by Hwa-Ran’s words and cruelty, the reasons behind which are still not as clear. Later, Sa-Rang is to assist and conduct an interview with Gu Won that will air on CNBS.

A lot is at stake here and even the King Group’s stocks will be affected, as Gu’s father informs him. Sang-Sik and Sa-Rang accompany her to Jeju, where at the last minute, the latter is handed a revised script that’s different from the previous one, thanks to Hwa-Ran, who’s likely rooting for the failure of the interview.

Before the interview can get started, King the Land season 1 episode 2 rolls the credits.


  • King the Land season 1 episode 2 feels like an improvement upon its predecessor, not only including the main characters and their woes but also the subplots involving the supporting characters.
  • Gu Won and Sa-Rang’s banter is really fun and adorable and the first pangs of attraction have already hit both of them, which speeds up their enemies-to-lovers arc.
  • The emotional quotient is strong too, but there remains a lot to be revealed and explained regarding Gu Won’s visceral reaction to fake smiles and the rift between him and Hwa-Ran.

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