King the Land season 1 episode 15 recap & review

In King the Land season 1 episode 15, Won meets an important figure from his past before heading off to meet Sa-Rang at the King Tourist Hotel.


Won’s mother surprises Il-Hoon with a visit to King the Land. She addresses the past and it’s revealed why she left Won and disappeared without a trace like that. She also informs Il-Hoon that he’s forewarned if he tries to stop his son from going after what/who he loves.

She later meets Won who’s shattered to see her. He puts up a stoic face and while she confesses her guilt, revealing the reasons and apologizing, he tells her he already knows her reasons and feels good knowing she was a good person all along.

He excuses himself for a minute to go and let out tears before returning and hugging her, consoling her and asking her to live life for herself now, free of fear for him as he can look after himself now. She feels proud, and relieved, and also aches in an overwhelming flurry of emotions.

Won visits Sa-Rang at King Tourist Hotel and asks her to come back to Seoul with him, to which she refuses until she’s done with her duties there. She also tells him about the great things and the value of the subsidiary, and also that it’s about to be sold while the employees work hard to protect it.

Won decides to buy the hotel and tells the irresponsible manager as much, relieving him of his duties that he didn’t attend to in the first place. The employees celebrate as Won plans on renovating the place, before leaving with Sa-Rang for Seoul.

No Sang-Sik brings the six siblings to King Tourist Hotel without informing Sa-Rang and Won, to surprise them, only to learn they’ve already departed. Gang Da-Eul takes the leadership of the group from him.

Hwa-Ran’s husband confronts her after she pays his lover to leave him, which she does. He slaps Hwa-Ran and she slaps back before the husband leaves her with parting words that sting deeply. Ji-Hu comes and consoles his crying mother.

Pyeong-Hwa can’t tolerate any more of the sleazebag No Byeong-Gu trying to hit on her and kicks him in the family jewels in front of everyone, threatening to tell his wife about his behavior with her if he doesn’t stop. As she storms off, Ro-Woon also warns him to stop his creepy behavior.

He then follows Pyeong-Hwa and takes her on a drive to distract her from her thoughts of leaving everything behind and going somewhere alone. A romantic spot sees the two finally get close as he makes a confession before Pyeong-Hwa accepts as the two kiss.

While they start dating and later make it official and known to others, Da-Eul gets to dish it out on Do Ra-Hee, asking her to leave willingly or she will reveal all her embezzlements and frauds she’s committed for so long.

A friendly visit from Won makes Ra-Hee believe that Da-Eul has a lot of clout, as she finally has to contend with the inevitability.

Meanwhile, Won prepares a grand proposal at the same hotel he shared the first meal with Sa-Rang, but the important thing she has to say before the proposal is that she calls it quits, saying she feels out of place and is done with the relationship.

Won remains seated, aghast, tears welling in his eyes, speechless, as King the Land episode 15 comes to an end.


  • King the Land episode 15 marks the penultimate installment of the show, dropping major plot twists and turns.
  • Nam Gi-Ae does a phenomenal job as Han Mi-So in the short amount of screen time she has in the episode, making her heartache and guilt ever so believable and feel almost tangible through the screen.
  • The ending moments are not as benign as one might mistake them to be, because in spite of the inevitable happy-ever-after of a rom-com, and the likely existence of someone forcing Sa-Rang to call it quits, her reason for breaking up might just be all there is to it.
  • This makes sense if it were to be the case, as she has often been made out of place less than a number of times by her superiors and Won’s family.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how Won copes with this shocking turn of events and mitigate the situation.
King the Land season 1 episode 15
King the Land season 1 episode 15 recap & review 1

Director: Im Hyun-wook

Date Created: 2023-08-05 20:30

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