King the Land season 1 episode 14 recap & review

In King the Land episode 14, Won and Sa-Rang deal with the public response to their relationship becoming public, as Il-Hoon makes a stern request to Sa-Rang.


Won and Sa-Rang’s kiss is captured and published by a reporter doing Gu Hwa-Ran’s bidding. Il-Hoon asks his management to get the articles down through buyouts but Hwa-Ran outbids him, making sure the articles and photos do the rounds online.

Sa-Rang has the comfort of having her face blurred but not for long as unblurred images soon start getting published online, along with sensational stories that draw parallels between Won and Il-Hoon’s love stories, estimating similar inevitable ends for both as well.

Sang-Sik tells Won that this is most definitely Hwa-Ran’s doing, and also tells him the reason why, detailing her summoning him a while back and how he rejected her offer to backstab Won.

Hwa-Ran later has a meeting with the board members where she and her lackeys try to establish a consensus regarding Won’s unfit state to lead the company.

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Il-Hoon crashes the meeting and confronts Hwa-Ran, saying he knows it’s all her doing. He then announces that she’s fired from all her positions at the company, prompting her to unleash her frustrations and anger.

Sa-Rang experiences the response to her relationship going public, and while many are positive, some are negative too. For the latter ones, Won is there to back her as best he can, making it clear that he was the one who liked her first.

The two later meet Sa-Rang’s grandmother as well, and she and her neighborhood aunties all approve of the Chaebol boyfriend. Later, Il-Hoon invites Sa-Rang to lunch and asks her to go away for some time, while matters quiet down for Won.

She asks if it’s a request or an order and accepts it after learning it’s the latter. Meanwhile, Won has to go out for three weeks on a business trip, but before that, he takes her on a date to an amusement park that he rents out in its entirety, especially for her.

While he’s off on the business trip, Sa-Rang departs for King Group’s smallest subsidiary, King Tourist Hotel, where all the worst transgressors of King Hotel end up at. With a conflicted heart and mind, Sa-Rang begins her tenure there.

Meanwhile, Pyeong-Hwa is extremely embarrassed when Mi-Na reveals to everyone in the crew that she has been divorced and had to lie about it, as a purposeful slight meant to insult her after she herself got rejected by Ro-Woon when she confessed that she likes him.

Gang Da-Eul, meanwhile, gets to become the head of the family as her in-laws also come to learn and understand that their son has been such a slacker and liar.

The episode ends with Won returning to Seoul and learning from a King the Land employee that Sa-Rang has been reappointed to King Tourist Hotel.

Before he heads out to meet her, he’s stopped by a woman who calls out his name in a familiar manner, and Won soon realizes that it’s his mom, as King the Land episode 14 rolls the credits.


  • King the Land episode 14 finally lifts the curtain on Won’s mother, and it seems obvious that his first responses to seeing her would be those of reluctance and even anger.
  • One other thing he might be very angry about is Sa-Rang’s reappointment at King Tourist Hotel, and it’s interesting to speculate what his next moves may be regarding his girlfriend and his relationship’s status, and also the state of the aforementioned King Group subsidiary.
  • Il-Hoon finally stands up to Hwa-Ran as the reasons for her consistent hatred towards Won are also revealed, which makes it difficult for anyone to not empathize with her long-standing emotional turmoil.
King the Land season 1 episode 14
King the Land season 1 episode 14 recap & review 1

Director: Im Hyun-wook

Date Created: 2023-07-30 20:30

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