Jack Ryan season 4 episodes 5 & 6 recaps, review & ending explained

The final two episodes of Jack Ryan season 4 see Jack’s team facing complications in Myanmar while Wright is forced to make some compromises. The episodes are now streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 5 recap: Wukong

Zeyara and Chao Fah are back in Myanmar. Zeyara contacts Marquez and orders him to send the packages to the border, or else she will blow them right away at his port.

Jack’s team enters Myanmar with new identities, prepared to meet Chao Fah, who is updating the security system of Wukong Palace Casino to help Jack’s team break in.

Chao Fah learns that Cathy is here in Myanmar, and as planned, Zeyara is taking her to the kinds of locations where she wishes to lend help. Mike goes to Wukong Palace Casino. He meets Chao Fah, who will come to their hideout in an hour.

Meanwhile, Patrick has tracked down the real identity of Walters. His name is William James Tuttle. Upon hearing this news, Greer asks his son to pick him up as he escapes the hospital he is in.

Tin Tun, on the other hand, is investigating the lies of Chao Fah. In the attempt, he kills the doctor and the nurse Chao Fah met to create his lies.

Chao Fah visits Jack’s team. He reveals that the five triggers are only for America. There are more of these triggers for different locations. Jack’s team will have to destroy all of these triggers.

Chao Fah hands them security cards and instructs them on how to break into the casino and get to the vault, where the triggers are. Chao Fah also lets Jack know that Zeyara is the architect of this operation and that she is planning to use Cathy as bait against him.

Chao Fah assures him that Cathy will be alive as long as he is. He must not deviate from the mission. Cathy is asked to call Jack. However, Jack listens to Chao Fah and doesn’t pick up the call because if he did, they would kill Cathy.

Jack’s team resumes the mission and successfully breaks into the vault. Cathy is being kept in an abandoned prison. After getting their hands on the triggers, Jack contacts Zeyara and asks her to bring Cathy to him, or else he will blow her triggers up.

Zeyara volunteers, but Mike comes and attacks Zeyara’s soldiers in an attack helicopter. He rescues Cathy and starts flying towards the airfield. Chao Fah, on the other hand, takes Jack and Chavez to his residence.

Chao Fah’s wife, Kyi, and daughter, Bennu, have the data on how the triads executed this operation, so they need to retrieve it. Kyi and Bennu are rescued, but Chao Fah is shot by Tin Tun’s sniper.

Chao Fah knows he can’t escape this, so he bids goodbye to his family. Before Tin Tun can arrive, Jack, Chavez, and Chao Fah’s family leaves. Tin Tun is happy that at least his face is the last one Chao Fah sees before dying.

Chao Fah is glad too. He shows a trigger to Tin Tun. There is a bomb nearby. Chao Fah’s trigger explodes the bomb there, killing him, Tin Tun, and Tin Tun’s men. The trigger also explodes the bomb in the vault, and the triggers there are destroyed too.

Jack’s team is not exactly successful in escaping. Cathy and Chao Fah’s family get on a plane and leave, but Jack, Chavez, and Mike are forced to stay and stall the soldiers that are coming for them. Jack’s team fails to fly far on the helicopter they have as they run out of gas. Zeyara’s soldiers eventually manage to get their hands on Jack.

Amidst all of this, Greer successfully catches William James Tuttle, while Wright investigates the company at BizHub, from where Tuttle was operating, which is under the name of Dominic Sanderson.

It turns out that Dominic Sanderson knew Ade Osoji, and Ade is part of this whole operation. He used Dominic’s name to run the shell companies that funded Miller’s black ops program.

Episode 6 recap: Proof of Concept

Wright is officially made the director of the CIA. Greer starts interrogating Tuttle, who was instructing the soldiers who caught Jack. Greer saw this on Tuttle’s monitor. Greer also questions him about the bombs, and Tuttle only hints that they are on the move.

Chavez and Mike prepare to break Jack free. Mike believes Zeyara has taken Jack to the same prison where they took Cathy. Chavez is going to rescue Jack all alone. An injured Mike is asked to find a plane for them at Don Muang Air Force Base.

Wright and Greer corner Ade Osoji when he comes to congratulate Wright. Ade is aware that he will soon have to face consequences, so he offers Wright a deal. In exchange for immunity, he will give them Jack Ryan’s location.

Cathy discovers a flash drive inside Bennu’s stuffed animal. Greer receives the data on the drive, which is in a code language. Tuttle hints that Greer has the locations of the bombs; he now just needs the key.

Meanwhile, Chavez successfully breaks into the prison. He rescues Jack and kills Zeyara in cold blood. When Greer learns of this, he heads to Wright but is a bit late. Ade Osoji signed the immunity agreement and is now safe from this whole case.

Jack, Chavez, and Mike are back in the United States. Through Tuttle’s one-time pad, Jack’s team starts understanding Chao Fah’s data. Tuttle further reveals that if they have expedited the bombs, he must have received a letter at his BizHub Office.

From that letter, Jack’s team learns that the bombs are being moved through trucks. Contacting the trucks’ owner results in Jack finding out that the trucks will be at the border tomorrow morning.

Jack Ryan season 4 ending explained in detail:

Does Jack find the bombs?

Jack’s team starts looking for the cars that have bombs on them at the border. The moment the soldiers start closing in on the trucks, the drivers start shooting.

Jack, Greer, Chavez, and Mike are forced to get back on the field. All the attackers are taken down. Jack’s team starts looking for the bombs using the trigger that they have.

Mike eventually finds the car that has the bomb. Jack comes to the aid and takes the risk of diffusing the bomb, and he successfully manages to cut the right wire. Following that, they manage to diffuse the rest of the four bombs.

What happens to Ade Osoji?

After their heroic feat, Wright visits Ade Osoji, who talks highly of how today’s world should be looked at and how Wright should let him help her.

Wright brings the cops along with her. Ade Osoji does have CIA immunity, but he has no immunity for the local homicide of Miller, a murder he admits that he orchestrated. Hence, he is arrested.

What’s next for Jack Ryan?

Jack Ryan is called in for the hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he puts the final nail in the coffin. Jack talks about the weakness in their system, which is none other than Senator Henshaw.

Henshaw is the one who allowed the trucks carrying the bombs to cross the border. Jack’s team figured that out while investigating the registration of these cars. Jack lets everyone know that Ade was funding Henshaw’s reelection campaign.

Jack leaves the hearing after making this declaration, while Henshaw is left to answer the questions. Jack’s team comes together outside. After that move, Wright is sure that the president is going to ask Jack Ryan to run for the presidency.

Jack is currently not sure about that. All he knows is that he has quit and is going on a break to spend some time with Cathy.


  • The last two episodes of Jack Ryan season 4 are action-packed. At every moment, there is thrill and development waiting around the corner that will have the viewers hooked.
  • The episodes, again, get their action part done right, but when it comes to the way they are going to develop the story, a lot of information is cramped into the episodes, giving viewers a headache to follow up.
  • The writing continues to be a problem. Jack Ryan just can’t simply state things properly. Also, the monologues by Jack Ryan and Ade Osoji are tiresome. They don’t have that intriguing factor. All a viewer wants is for them to get to the point.
Jack Ryan season 4 episodes 5 & 6
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