How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Ride or Die

In episode 5 of How I Met Your Father, Sophie and Val meet Val’s parents, while Jesse takes stock of his relationship with Meredith. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


Jesse and Meredith finish up an interview on a local morning talk show with host Sandy Rivers. Ellen and the others watch it live as Ellen boasts that her brother is a celebrity on television.

Charlie tells everyone to tone it down as this whole situation must be tough on Sid but Sid says that he’s not worried about his friendship with Jesse and insists that they’re simply in the middle of a minor argument.

Sophie gets a text from Val’s mother and then informs Val that they’ll be visiting Val’s parents before attending Jesse and Meredith’s concert. Val isn’t the biggest fan of her parents because they constantly try and set Val up with random men.

Sophie on the other hand is obsessed with them and wants nothing more than their appreciation. She assures Val that her parents aren’t going to set her up this time.

Everyone leaves, leaving Sid all by himself. He wonders how he’s going to spend the day alone and struggles to find ways to pass the time.

Ellen and Charlie arrive backstage at the concert venue and Charlie claims to have an elaborate plan to get Sid and Jesse back together but Ellen doesn’t show a lot of faith in it.

She meets Jesse and gets a look at the pretentious life he has to live on social media as Meredith’s boyfriend. He’s not thrilled by it either but puts up with it for Meredith.

Sophie and Val are at Val’s parent’s house when the doorbell rings and while Val assumes her parents are setting her up again, they say that they’re actually setting up Sophie.

Sid is killing time, having conversations with himself when a delivery person arrives with a basket of cookies. With it is a note from Jesse asking him to come to the concert but Sid immediately clocks it as part of Charlie’s foolish plan.

Sophie is hitting off with Oscar, the date she has been set up with and Val gets jealous watching them. She asks her parents why they would do this and they remind her that she was the one who didn’t want them to meddle in her life.

Val lets her emotions get the best of her and decides to compete for Oscar’s attention. Jesse and Meredith have to okay the video package that is set to play during “Jay Street”, the song Meredith wrote which is inspired by their breakup.

The video includes Jesse’s failed proposal which makes him uncomfortable. Ellen approaches him later and tells him that he needs to let Meredith know how he feels about that rather than put her needs before his.

Val and Sophie get into an argument after Val refuses to back down in her attempts to woo Oscar. Val ends up punching Sophie in the gut but when her parents admit that they had ulterior motives for doing this, Val reveals that their argument was actually pretending.

Val realized much earlier that her parents were using Sophie to make Val jealous so that she would go after Oscar so she and Sophie decided to put her parents in their place, with some help from Oscar.

She’s aware that her parents only want the best for her but reassures them that she’s fine on her own and will eventually find her way.

Jesse asks Meredith not to use the proposal in the video as it was a hard moment to get over but she tells him that it’s all for the audience and he will learn to deal with it.

Charlie reveals his elaborate plan to Ellen and mentions taking Sid’s vape in the process because it’s a bad habit. Sophie and Val arrive at the concert just in time for Meredith to take the stage and announce that Jesse had walked out on her.

Jesse is outside trying to call Sid and Sid turns up at that very moment. They instantly make peace with each other as the others walk out to see them embrace. Charlie pats himself on the back for getting them back together but Sid admits that it was a different set of events that led him there.

He was actually allergic to the cookies Charlie sent and Charlie had also taken his EpiPen, the thing Charlie thought was a vape. While he lay on the floor close to death waiting for the paramedics, he realized how stupid it would be to not see his best friend one last time because of a silly argument.

As soon as the paramedics arrived and gave him a clean bill of health, Sid rushed to the venue to see Jesse.


  • How I Met Your Father draws many similarities from its sister series and there are a couple of them present in this episode. Sandy Rivers makes a guest appearance while there is mention of a “Ride or Die handbook”, which could possibly be similar to the “Bro Code” or “Playbook”.
  • These minor details add to the charm of the series without the creators basically doing a full retread of How I Met Your Mother.
  • The character relationships are written well with the friendship between Sid and Jesse, and Sophie and Val, being wonderful examples of healthy and loving friendships.
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 5
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