How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 15 recap & review: Working Girls

In episode 15 of How I Met Your Father, Sophie gets a new job, Jesse gets a troubling prediction about his future, and Sid spends some time with Hannah in LA. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


Sophie rushes into Ellen’s apartment and shows her a listing from Goliath Market looking for a full-time photographer. Sophie asks Ellen to put in a good word for her and Ellen asks if she’s sure about taking on a corporate 9-5 gig.

Sophie eventually gets the job and thanks Ellen for the recommendation. Valentina is getting a reading from her psychic at the bar but Jesse is unconvinced even though Jesse believes in it.

Valentina says that her psychic has never been wrong so Jesse decides to get a reading to prove a point. The psychic says that he is going to die that night and while he thinks it’s a joke, Valentina and Charlie are deeply worried.

Sid surprises Hannah in LA and says that he wants to spend some time with her and experience what her life is like over there. He meets her colleague Eli but feels left out of all their inside jokes.

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Ellen’s new boss welcomes Sophie but when Sophie mentions Ellen’s recommendation, he says that he never received one. Sophie realizes that Ellen never sent one and Ellen claims that it slipped her mind because of how busy she was.

A little while later, her boss comes in and tells them that since they’re close friends, he’s assigning them to come up with a new marketing strategy for cabbages targeting a younger customer base.

Sid spends time with all the other doctors and surgeons that Hannah works with but doesn’t really fit in with them, no matter how hard he tries.

Charlie and Valentina visit Jesse at his apartment with a meal from his favorite restaurant and he figures out that they’re making sure he has a good last meal. He is still dismissive until one of the swords on the wall falls down just inches away from his foot.

He begins to have doubts and agrees to make a bucket list that Charlie and Valentina can help fulfill. Sid is tired of listening to Eli and the other doctors talk so Hannah brings up the fact that he owns a bar.

He offers to make them a special drink but when he has to head out to buy some whiskey, he hurts himself after slipping due to the heavy rains outside.

Sophie and Ellen prepare a presentation of their cabbage campaign but Sophie is still mad at Ellen. Ellen admits that she didn’t believe Sophie could hold down a real job which is why she didn’t put in a recommendation.

Sophie gets even more angry and this derails their presentation and the boss calls Ellen into his office to have a conversation. Sid is really bitter toward Eli and when Hannah asks him why, he says that he’s jealous of the fun life she’s got in LA.

She tells him that it won’t last for much longer because she has decided to move to New York.

Charlie and Valentina have a tough time getting through Jesse’s bucket list. Sophie assumes that Ellen is about to be fired by her boss but he’s actually just checking on her because she’s suddenly acting weird.

Sophie and Ellen make up and vouch for each other as they are asked to finish the cabbage campaign. Jesse rushes in to tell them both that he loves them in one final goodbye.

He goes back home and puts on a suit for his final moments as they countdown to midnight but nothing happens and Jesse immediately switches his tune, insisting that he was sure the psychic wasn’t telling the truth.


  • Season 2 of How I Met Your Father has been quite an uneven journey and this is one of the weaker episodes of the bunch. There’s a whole of nothing that takes place that may or may not be of significance later on.
  • Sid and Hannah’s journey is indicative of how the season has been since it took just one episode for them to switch from Sid considering LA to Hannah deciding to move to New York. It just isn’t a relationship that has been written well enough.
  • Once again, the question is raised about having a 20-episode season when disappointing fillers like this are offered up. The series cannot always be outstanding but it deserves a better benchmark.
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 15
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 15 recap & review: Working Girls 1

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