How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 14 recap & review: Disengagement Party

In episode 14 of How I Met Your Father, Sophie enlists the help of all their friends to convince Swish to break up his engagement with Val. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


Sophie gathers the gang in Sid and Jesse’s apartment and assigns each of them roles for Swish and Val’s engagement party. Her goal is to convince Swish that marrying Val is not the way to go.

Hannah is visiting and Sophie asks her and Sid to pretend to fight in front of Swish. She asks Charlie to hype up the single life in front of Swish but Charlie says he’s bringing the girl he’s currently seeing, Julia.

When he mentions Julia, Ellen gets uncomfortable and moves the conversation forward. She then asks Jesse to hype up the single life while she reminds Swish how old she and Val are to make him more aware of the age gap between them.

Sophie’s plan falls apart in steps as none of the measures she set up seem to work. When she brings up the age difference to Swish, he embraces it by saying he’s grateful to be with someone so experienced.

Jesse tries to talk about how fun it is being single but he completely messes it up by talking weirdly. Ellen mentions how her life went downhill after her divorce but Swish talks her up and says her life seems great with her job and new girlfriend.

Sid and Hannah are planning out their fake argument when Hannah’s phone lights up with a Zillow notification. However, when Sid notices that it is set for properties in LA, he asks her if she’s considering moving there permanently. deep within their

Sophie appears to be running out of options until she is reminded of how much pressure Val’s parents put on her. She invites them to meet Swish and not give him their blessing.

Jesse asks Charlie why things are awkward between him and Ellen so Charlie explains that one night he approached who he taught was Julia and whispered erotically in her ear but it turned out to be Ellen instead.

Sid says they always planned on living in New York once Hannah finished her residency but Hannah says she’s starting to enjoy her life and there and asks Sid to consider the possibility of moving to LA.

Val’s parents show up and sit down with Swish but they are won over by his charm and give him their blessing to marry Val. They tell Val that Swish is a wonderful human and that Val should get married to him.

Jesse brings Ellen and Charlie together and tells them that something similar happened between him and Sid one day but they managed to bury the memory deep within their brains and make things normal again.

Their solution was to make several silly memories together by following a tourist’s guidebook filled with suggestions from Joe Pesci and soon they forgot about their awkward encounter and could look at each other again.

Val decides to stop fighting it and agrees to marry Swish but Sophie pulls her aside and tells her that she doesn’t truly love him so she shouldn’t go through with it.

Sid meets Val’s parents and asks them to give him some advice on his situation and they tell him that he just needs to make a choice and stick with it.

He goes to Hannah and shows her a video he recorded soon after they got engaged where he said he would do his part to ensure they stay together. He tells her that he’s willing to consider moving to LA for their relationship.

Sophie sees the same video and notices how much in love Charlie and Val were so she shows it to Val. She tells her that she shouldn’t settle for security with Swish and remain hopeful that she will find true love one day, be it with Charlie or someone else.

Val takes in what Sophie says and then breaks up with Swish once and for all.


  • Even though this isn’t exactly a filler episode since there are key narratives focused on it, it certainly feels that way. The creators were bound to encounter this issue when opting to go for a 20-episode season which isn’t the norm these days.
  • Regardless, there are several sweet moments within the episode that might bring out a smile or chuckle from the viewer. The parallel shots of Swish and an adorable dog are sweet.
  • Sid and Hannah’s relationship appears to hit many bumps and they have so far managed to deal with them but their relationship hasn’t been portrayed as something to root for or invest in due to the long-distance aspect and that is a worry.
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 14
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