Hijack season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Comply Slowly

In the sixth episode of Hijack, the hijackers are ordered to kill a passenger, which results in the passengers preparing to take the hijackers down. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


The foreign secretary and the home secretary agree to comply with the hijackers’ demands, but they will comply slowly and wait for the plane to land. As per the demands, Edgar and John are released from prison. 

As soon as the two men are out, Daniel and a few other officers follow them, despite their warning not to do so. Edgar and John realize that they are being followed, so they order the hijackers to kill a passenger and send them a photograph of the dead person. 

Stuart and Jamie decide to kill Deevia, but Sam comes to her rescue at the last minute. He asks the hijackers to send the photograph of the woman Stuart had earlier killed instead of killing another person. 

Stuart takes Sam’s advice and sends the photograph to Edgar, who sends it to Daniel. The authorities now know that a passenger has been killed. Sam later tells his fellow passengers that if the hijackers are ordered to kill again, all of them will have to fight them.

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Kai manages to hide from the criminals who have come to Sam’s house to harm his family. The criminals do not know that Kai is home. Kai realizes that he left his phone downstairs, so he creeps downstairs and manages to contact the emergency services using an old phone.

Felix, a corrupt journalist, comes to meet a source. The source tells him about the hijack and asks him to report on it within the next 30 minutes. If Felix fails to do so, the news of his corruption will be leaked. Felix then makes the news of the hijack public.

On the plane, Sam writes a message on a drink carton, asking the passengers to get ready to shake things up. He then passes the carton around. While some of the passengers do not want anything to do with it, the others get ready to fight.

Edgar and John find a road blocked on their way and believe it to be the work of the authorities. As a result, they order the hijackers to kill another passenger. At the same time, the hijackers find out about the carton that is being passed around.

Stuart thinks that Hugo is the one who wrote the message because he had earlier seen him holding a pen. When Stuart decides to kill Hugo, Sam takes responsibility for writing the message. 

Stuart points his gun at Sam, but Deevia reminds him that Sam helped Lewis. Stuart cannot bring himself to kill the man who helped his brother in his last moments, so he asks the passengers to choose the person who should be killed. 

Even after Edgar sends them a photograph of the dead passenger, the home secretary refuses to let Edgar and John go just like that. This results in an argument between him and the foreign secretary, who is ready to let the criminals go for the sake of the passengers.

There is a drone following Edgar and John’s car, but it loses visual contact briefly. It is assumed that the men are going to an airfield, and the home secretary has his armed units waiting for them there. 

The home secretary does not budge, despite the foreign secretary and Daniel’s reservations. As soon as Edgar and John’s car reaches the airfield, the men inside the car are taken into custody, only for the authorities to realize that they are not Edgar and John.

Stuart finds his next target, but before he could kill the woman, Sam attacks him. One of the passengers attacks Terry, and there is chaos and confusion everywhere. Arthur, a flight attendant, gets shot in the leg, and the pilot looks for an opportunity to return to the cockpit.

In the middle of all this, a woman goes to the toilet. She takes out a gun from her bag and walks towards the cockpit, ignoring everyone around her. Before locking herself in the cockpit, she kills the pilot.


  • In this episode, it becomes clear that the show is losing its touch. It is no longer as thrilling as it was in the initial episodes because the show is now struggling with the pacing.
  • This episode has some scenes that are too predictable to be interesting, like Edgar and John’s escape and Stuart not being able to kill Sam. These scenes make the episode dull. 
  • While the episode was not gripping, its ending certainly was. The pilot’s death comes as a surprise, and it serves as the perfect introduction to the new character, who is possibly working with the hijackers.
Hijack season 1 episode 6
Hijack season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Comply Slowly 1

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