Hijack season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Draw a Blank

In the third episode of Hijack, the news of the hijack reaches the authorities, and some passengers discover that the hijackers might be using fake guns. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Alice contacts Zahra and tells her that there is a possibility of flight KA29 being in danger. Zahra then reports it to the higher-ups.

Meanwhile, Yussuf, a passenger who served in the Egyptian military for 30 years and dealt with a lot of hijackings, claims that the guns used by the hijackers are not real. 

Hugo wishes to confirm this. He decides to send a message to the business class, where the hijackers had fired a gun earlier, to ask the passengers there to look for bullets. If the passengers do not find anything, then Yussuf is probably right.

Hugo ignores Sam’s warnings to not put anyone in danger and manages to send the message to the passengers in business class. The passenger who receives Hugo’s message looks for the bullet but does not find it. She indicates the same through the reading light.

London asks Istanbul ATC to tell the flight’s pilot to get the plane on its intended route when the flight enters Turkey’s airspace. The pilot agrees, but there is a deliberate overcorrection; the plane is zig-zagging. 

Alice brings this to the attention of counterterrorism, and they now know for sure that something is wrong. At the same time, Marsha goes for a job interview.

Stuart catches the pilot sending a message via the game. He hits him when he refuses to name the person he has been chatting with, and Sam comes to his defense. Due to this, Stuart threatens Sam and asks all the passengers to turn off their screens.

Sam then asks Yussuf if he is certain about the guns being fake, but Yussuf needs to examine the bullet for that. Arthur, a flight attendant, tells Sam and Hugo that Naomi and her friends have seen the bullet, so Yussuf draws two bullets, one blank and one real, on a piece of paper.

Sam comes up with a plan to get the drawings to Naomi. Deevia, who is heading the cabin crew, convinces the hijackers to let them serve water to the passengers. Arthur gets the opportunity to slip the drawings to Naomi, who confirms that the bullet she found was a blank one.

An old passenger needs to be given a dose of insulin, but the hijacker there refuses to let his nephew get the medicine. Stuart calls someone to tell them that the operation has commenced, but it goes straight to voice mail.

Zahra calls Daniel to inform him that Sam’s flight has been hijacked. Daniel wants her to send him the flight manifest to figure out who the hijackers are, but she refuses. 

When counterterrorism fails to identify the hijackers, Zahra sends the confidential flight manifest to Daniel. He is able to find five passengers who are not on any national database; it is like they do not exist. It becomes evident that these are the hijackers.

When the sick man’s nephew tries to disobey the hijacker and take out the medicine for his uncle, the hijacker starts beating him up. Sam wants to use this opportunity to isolate Terry, the old hijacker in the back, and take him down, but Hugo gets scared at the last minute.

Sam decides to take Terry down on his own. He manages to isolate him and then fights him. There is chaos everywhere, as a little girl named Lizzy goes missing without her parents noticing.  

Stuart gets sick of all this and is seen loading his gun with real bullets. There is a passenger on the flight who has a criminal record. He joins Sam in fighting Terry but runs away when Terry gets hold of his gun again.

Sam thinks that the gun is fake and dares Terry to pull the trigger. Stuart also storms to the back of the plane with a loaded gun and points it at someone. A gun goes off, and the sound echoes everywhere.


  • The third episode focuses on the issue of fake guns. It cleverly uses Marsha’s lecture to hint that there is more to this than the passengers know. This creates a sense of unease regarding the passengers’ actions, as now the audience is aware that there are real bullets as well.
  • In this episode, the passengers use different tactics to communicate with each other. The scene that involves two flight attendants passing messages back and forth from under the hijackers’ noses is not just exciting but also quite smart.
  • The episode depicts how hard it is to be courageous in a situation like this. Someone like Sam, who has been able to act brave since the beginning, also gets rattled when the hijacker threatens him.
Hijack season 1 episode 3
Hijack season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Draw a Blank 1

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