Gossip Girl season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Great Reputations

In the latest episode of ‘Gossip Girl’, drama ensues at the Amnesty International Dinner and old friendships are rekindled. The episode is streaming on HBO Max.


Monet is now trying to find a suitable love interest to maintain her social status. Meanwhile, Julien still refuses to participate in this feud, even when Monet instigates her by creating a trend called besting on social media.

Max, Audrey, and Aki are trying to regain Max’s popularity, which has taken a hit since he started dating. 

The school gets a new head teacher, who seems to be close to Mike.

On the other hand, Obie is trying to make a good impression on Grace’s mother. However, she expresses her displeasure at the company he keeps and warns him to stay away from scandals.

A little about Kate’s personal life is revealed. Her father is in town, and he is staying with her.

Monet tries to befriend Grace because she wants to be introduced to her best friend, Tiffany. Dating Tiffany, the student who rules Exeter, would make Monet an undefeatable force.

Julien also wants to be friends with Grace. Julien and Monet end up vying for Grace’s attention, which results in Monet upsetting Grace when she refuses to introduce her to Tiffany.

Zoya finds out that her father has been lying to her about his promotion, but she still does not know that he has to take money from Davis to be able to afford their lifestyle.

When the party thrown by Max, Audrey, and Aki fails to attract attention, they decide to go to the Amnesty event at the Guggenheim to meet Max’s old friends.

Monet comes to the event to meet Tiffany, Zoya to expose Nick’s lies, and Julien because Obie asks for her help to keep their friends in check.

Zoya realizes that Nick was not exactly lying to her, but due to her meddling, he ends up taking a job at De Haan Pharma. 

Additionally, Max gets his popularity back, but not without causing chaos at the event.

Monet realizes that Tiffany has been pretending to be gay to get more followers, which leads her to expose Tiffany through Gossip Girl. 

Julien supports Monet after she helps Julien come to the realization that she has not been honest with herself; she has been trying to earn Grace’s forgiveness only for Obie’s sake.

Julien and Monet resolve their differences. They post a message on social media about the need for women to support other women instead of dragging them down.

The huge mess makes Grace’s mother forbid Obie from being friends with Julien while Luna plans to relaunch Julien.

In a shocking twist of events, it is revealed that Grace is not a goody two shoes; she has been cheating on Obie.

Additionally, Shan accidentally discovers Nick’s secret, but she decides not to tell Zoya about it.

When Kate is with Mike, her father gets arrested, and Mike finds out that it is not the first time. He stays with her until she gets her father home, and he later asks her out on a date.

However, it turns out that he is working with someone to unveil the true identity of Gossip Girl.


  • Although the series tried to depict women standing up for each other, the way it was executed made it seem like a half-hearted attempt at being politically correct.
  • Anna Van Patten’s incredible performance completely convinced the viewers that Grace is a typical girl-next-door character. It was quite a surprise to see the other side of Grace’s character.
  • It was refreshing to witness that Monet was not ready to give up on her principles for the sake of her social status. This gives her character depth and shows there is space for growth.
Gossip Girl season 2 episode 3
Gossip Girl season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Great Reputations 1

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