Forecasting Love and Weather season 1 episode 3 recap & review: In Between Seasons

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’, a romantic drama set in the National Weather Service’s headquarters about work and love, has released its third episode on Netflix.


When Ha-kyung returned home to her worried mother, she went straight to her bed and began weeping, unsure of what had transpired the night before.

Meanwhile, Si-woo appears to be very aware of his surroundings, with the changing seasons serving as a metaphor for how individuals feel when one relationship ends and another begins. Everyone is unsure of how they should feel during this period of transition.

Ha-kyung finds she forgot her vehicle keys in the hotel room the night before, and Si-woo informs his co-workers that he developed a cold as a result of the “very steamy meeting”, as he puts it.

Ha-kyung, stuck in traffic on a crowded bus, requests her colleagues to start the meeting because she is sure she would be late. She hurries into the office and begins the morning meeting in a frenzy, only to discover that she, too, has gotten a cold.

However, it is the least of their worries, as a group of fishermen are furious since they are unable to fish due to the strong wind warning. Ha-kyung is preparing but Dong-han and Si-woo have opposing viewpoints, and Ha-kyung must make the decision.

Tensions build within Ha-kyung’s new team and she appears irritated as a result. Si-woo leaves her car keys on her desk which makes her grin.

Yoo-jin, on the other hand, continues to make a fuss whenever she sees Si-woo at work, as if she owns the business or something. Perhaps it’s simply the guilt that’s gnawing at her mind.

Ki-jun, on the other side, is also trying to bully Ha-kyung. He tries to place the blame on her, claiming that she is withholding the early results due to her personal affections for him. But his outburst is in vain since both Ha-kyung and Si-woo give him a piece of their minds.

Si-woo later provides a fever pill to an exhausted Ha-kyung and begs her to take it. Despite her protests, she recognises that he is correct and is taken aback by how much he cares, despite the fact that he makes it obvious that he is not attempting to date her.

When they had to make a choice regarding the strong winds later, following a brief debate with Dong-han and Si-woo, Ha-kyung refuses to lower the warning, despite Si-woo’s protests.

While everyone is departing that night, Ha-kyung clears the air with Dong-han. Meanwhile, Yoo-jin learns about Ki-jun and Ha-kyung’s quarrel and returns home to start arguing with her husband.

Ha-kyung re-encounters Si-woo owing to a classified post for her air purifier. Both are taken aback and she refuses to sell it. However, before departing, he informs her that she is losing money by selling such high-end and virtually new things.

He spends the next several hours assisting her with selling her belongings, and Ha-kyung, lost in thought, asks him why not in response to his previous remark that he won’t date her only because they slept together.

Until they receive a communication from a customer, the two keep questioning each other what it is about. After that, the two go out to eat supper together.

Si-woo tells her not to sell her house since she’ll regret it later over dinner but their chat is cut short when their co-workers arrive at the same restaurant. Si-woo assists Ha-kyung in her attempt to leave.

However, in the back alley, he inquires whether there is anything between them that they should keep hidden from the rest of the world. When Ha-kyung tells him she doesn’t want rumours about them to spread, he simply asks whether she likes him. He says she might, even if she refuses.

Si-woo then informs her that he doesn’t flirt and that they should date as a result. He is reminded by Ha-kyung that he stated that they will not date. Si-woo, on the other hand, informs her that he does not want to be in a one-sided relationship. He’d want to date her if she likes him as well.


  • This episode is a maelstrom of wonderful character interactions. Although Si-woo remains a mystery since we know so little about him, things should improve in the future.
  • The cast alone can draw anyone in with which there should be some interesting side storylines. Kim Mi-kyung, who plays Ha-kyung’s mother, is consistently excellent in all of her roles.

Rating: 3/5

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