Fleishman Is in Trouble season 1 episode 6 recap & review: This Is My Enjoyment

The sixth episode of ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ sees Toby finally recovering from a terrible marriage and divorce. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Toby and his kids accept their fate and move on. With Rachel gone, they are now on their own. Life eventually gets back on track. Toby and his kids grow closer than ever.

Apart from Toby, now Seth is also opting to embark on a new path. He intends to marry Vanessa and, like everyone else, hopes to start a family. He doesn’t really want to be left behind.

Toby argues with him owing to the experience he had with marriage. Seth insists that he should support his decision.

Toby continues to be on the path to recovery. He tries to figure out what he is looking for. In the process, he asks Nahid, the woman he is sleeping with, out.

Nahid reiterates that she can’t go out with him, leaving the couple no option but to part ways. Toby starts setting boundaries. He prepares for the promotion he is about to receive at the hospital.

Things were going really well for him until life played its card. The hospital hired someone else instead of Toby to fill the position he was about to be promoted to.

The man hired for the job is none other than his high school friend, Aaron Schwartz. The hospital suggested that Toby has taken too many leaves in the past few weeks.

Basically, he lost this promotion because he prioritized keeping his life together and taking care of his kids over his job.

Toby really needed someone who cared about him and what he is going through. He found that person in the form of his intern, Joanie. She listened to what he was going through and rooted for him.

He asked her out, but Joanie, without clearly answering, clarified that she is not looking for a relationship.

Toby had yet another setback in his life. Cherry and Jessica showed up at his apartment for the day. Upon Cherry’s advice, Toby thought of going to an annual reunion party he stopped going to after getting married to Rachel.

The moment Toby entered the party, he felt more at home around his people. This group wanted to be with him and understood his stories, unlike Rachel’s friends, who were quite the opposite.

The night ended with Toby fighting two of his best friends, Seth and Libby. Toby didn’t really like the way Libby treated Adam and had asked him to go back home alone, especially because she desired to be here.

He somewhere saw Rachel in her. Seth joined the argument, claiming that Toby is right. Seth also criticized Toby, saying that he always talks about himself.

Libby defended herself and mentioned how neither Toby nor Seth knows anything about a good relationship.

Vanessa arrived amidst their argument, and Seth got busy with her. Libby joined Toby back home. She ended up spending some time at his apartment.

She tried expressing to Toby how she misses longing and that she feels there is something wrong with her. Toby slept while she kept talking. Instead of going back home, Libby decided to sleep right next to Toby.

The next day, Solly woke Toby up, crying that he has once again wet his bed. Libby asked Toby whether he needs assistance, but Toby ordered her to get out of the house.

Down on the street, Libby reminisced about the days when she was young and ambitious. She had this power where she could do anything she wanted.

She no longer has that power. While she sat on a bench listening to music, she saw Rachel, right in front of her, sitting all alone.


  • ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ loses the magic it could’ve brought in this episode. Certainly, it was building up towards Toby’s new start, but the episode ends more on Libby’s side, and that too with a lot of over-explanation.
  • Lizzy Caplan as Libby is adorable. Furthermore, she is literally living the character. She brilliantly expresses what her character is feeling. The only takeaway here is her dialogue.
  • Lizzy’s dialogue struggles to put forth its message. It circles around a lot before finally addressing what the character wants.
  • Lastly, the show is finally coming full circle to suggest why ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ is Libby’s story as much as it is Toby’s.
Fleishman Is in Trouble season 1 episode 6
Fleishman Is in Trouble season 1 episode 6 recap & review: This Is My Enjoyment 1

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