Drops of God season 1 recap, review & ending explained

In the last episode of Drops of God, the third test concludes, and Camille finds out that Issei is her brother. All episodes are now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 8 recap: All or Nothing

Thomas goes to Camille’s room at night, and the two of them end up sleeping together. Meanwhile, Ms. Katase finds Hirokazu, who is working at a construction site. 

He tells her that he always feared that people will find out about Issei’s real father and see him as an imposter. He tried to give Issei as much love as he could to make him confident. Ms. Katase assures him that he did more than that. Before leaving, she tells him that Issei loves him.

Issei and Camille work side by side as they reproduce the wine that they had earlier tasted. When they are told that they just have one more hour, Camille panics briefly. She calms herself down and submits her wine.

With the third test over, Issei offers to prepare dinner for everyone, and he even catches the fish himself. Camille and Thomas accompany him, and Camille admits that she admires Issei. Thomas then tells her that he broke up with his girlfriend and is now single.

Philippe tastes the two reproduced versions and scores them. He talks to Mr. Talion, the lawyer, who tells him that he tried to warn Alexandre that in competitions like these, there are usually no winners, but he did not listen.

They all have dinner together, and Issei thanks them for this experience, as his own family dinners were never this lively. When Philippe shows them pictures of the time Issei’s parents visited the estate, Issei tells Camille that Alexandre is his father.

When they discuss the situation, Camille wonders whether this was Alexandre’s way to bring his two children close. The two of them do not know what to do about the competition. 

They return to Tokyo the next day. Issei introduces Ms. Katase to Camille and hugs Camille like a brother before she leaves. Ms. Katase tells Issei that she found Hirokazu and wants to take Issei to meet him, but Issei refuses because Hirokazu lied to him.

Issei and Camille meet Mr. Talion, who reveals the scores of the third test. When the scores of all three rounds are counted, Issei and Camille get the exact same score. They get happy because they think that it is a tie and that they both get the inheritance.

However, Alexandre predicted this and left behind a message for them. He believed that there can only be one winner, so the person who will find out what the Drops of God are in his cellar will get the inheritance.

Drops of God season 1 ending explained in detail:

Why does Camille decide against quitting?

Alexandre’s message infuriates Camille, who decides to quit. She does not want to fight with Issei for the inheritance. However, Issei tells her that if she quits, he will also quit.

Camille comes to know that if both of them quit, then Luca will get everything, as he was Alexandre’s best friend. She cannot let this happen, so she decides to find the answer to Alexandre’s question with Issei.

Who inherits Alexandre’s fortune?

Issei and Camille must find the Drops of God from 87,000 wine bottles in Alexandre’s cellar. They realize that neither of them knew Alexandre. Instead of looking for the answer, the two of them get drunk. 

An old memory of walking in the vineyards with Alexandre gives Camille the right answer. While Issei gives the name of a wine as his answer, Camille’s answer is the rain, as Alexandre once told her that without rain there can be no grapevines, no wine, and no life. 

Camille’s answer is right, and she is named the heir of the Léger inheritance, which is worth millions of dollars. 

Do Camille and Issei accept the result?

Camille tells Issei that Alexandre cheated; he had given her the answer years ago. He wanted her to inherit his fortune, so he gave her an advantage. She wants to take this to court, as she believes that the fortune should be split between them

Issei refuses to do that because he does not want to tell the world that he is Alexandre’s son. He calls his mother and tells her that he is not doing this for her or her father’s reputation but because he does not think of himself as Alexandre’s son.

He tells her that he only has one father and goes to meet Hirokazu. Issei reunites with his father and cries in his arms, while Honoka cries alone in her office.

What does Camille do with Alexandre’s fortune?

Camille, along with Thomas, auctions Alexandre’s wine collection, and Luca has to bid for them. She also makes Lorenzo and Miyabi the editors of the Léger Guide.

However, she does not keep everything. She sends half of Alexandre’s collection to Issei with a card that has brother and sister written on it. The fortune gets split between Alexandre’s two siblings, something that Alexandre did not wish to do. 


  • It is only in the last episode that Camille finds out about Issei being her half-brother, but their dynamic as siblings is so entertaining that it makes the audience wish that it had happened sooner. 
  • With Camille, Issei is nothing like the brooding man he is in everyone else’s company. There is something so amusing as well as touching to watch him bicker with Camille and be affectionate with her.
  • The show’s beginning was cold, but it ended on a tender note. When the competition started, Camille and Issei did not have happy families, but by the end of it, their lives changed significantly, and they ended up with families that love and support them.     
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