Drops of God season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Food and Wine

In the seventh episode of Drops of God, Camille and Issei travel to Paris for the final test. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Issei and Ms. Katase taste Casa dei Fossati together. Issei feels overwhelmed because he still does not know what the word link means. He admits that Camille scares him because it is in her nature to sense things that he does not understand. 

Lorenzo and Miyabi know what happened between Camille and Luca, so they visit her. Lorenzo tells Camille that Luca wanted her name to be linked to the guide. Since Camille is a Léger, her name would have made the guide more authentic, which would benefit him.

Luca buys cheap vineyards, and when these properties appear in the guide, their value goes up. Luca has a 45% stake in the guide, and no one knows that he decides which wines will be in the guides, even though it is illegal.

Issei’s mother wants him to apologize to his grandfather. In return, he asks her if she ever loved Hirokazu or him. Issei believes that she took advantage of her friend’s feelings to protect her reputation. 

This infuriates her, and she asks him to leave the apartment, as she owns it. Issei leaves, but not without telling her that he feels sorry for her.

Once he leaves, she finds Casa dei Fossati in the apartment, which brings back a memory of Alexandre. He had told her that when a wine is shared, it creates a link. He believed that she would think of their time together whenever she would see this particular wine, which turns out to be true.

Camille and Issei are flown to Paris for the last test. Issei apologizes to her for his arrogance, but she dismisses him. Meanwhile, Ms. Katase continues her search for Hirokazu.

The third test consists of three rounds. Two of them are public events, where Camille’s mother comes to support her. Luca, as the Director of the Léger Guide, announces that the winner of the competition will also become editor-in-chief of the Léger Guide and have full control over it.

In the first round, Camille and Issei have to answer general knowledge questions about wine. While Camille barely answers any questions, Issei answers most of them correctly.

In the second round, they have to find wines that pair with meals inspired by the chef’s encounters with Alexandre. Camille’s reasons for choosing a particular wine are more personal, but since Luca is a member of the jury, he publicly praises Issei’s choices and calls Camille’s choices disappointing. 

Camille’s mother meets her after the second round and apologizes to her for trying to keep her away from her father. She also tells her that she is proud of what Camille is doing, and they mend their differences. 

For the last round, Camille and Issei are taken to Philippe’s domaine. They are made to taste a wine that comes from the domaine and asked to reproduce it. Furthermore, they are not allowed to speak to Thomas and Philippe to guarantee impartiality.

The wines produced will be blind-tasted by Philippe, and the score given by him will be added to the scores from the previous rounds to decide the winner of this test as well as the competition.

At night, Issei tries to talk to Camille and explain that she is wrong about him. Camille finally lets her guard down when he truthfully tells her how he found the right wine from the second test. He also compliments what she has managed to do in a short time. 

When he asks her how she learned all this so quickly, she tells him that it is in her genes and that it is instinctive. She tells him how she can see the aromas when she tastes wines.

Issei believes that she has a superpower because in his case, nothing is instinctive. It is all analyzed thoroughly. However, when he also tries to taste the wine like her, a single aroma appears, but it vanishes just as quickly.


  • A lot happens in this episode, but it all comes together nicely. The episode balances all the segments well so that nothing feels rushed and the audience gets to enjoy all of it.
  • It is evident that the knowledge of his mother’s past, as well as his relationship with Ms. Katase, has changed Issei. Unlike before when Issei barely expressed anything, the audience can finally see him as a human being with emotions. 
  • The episode ends on an interesting note. It hints at the possibility that Issei might also possess natural talent like Camille and that he might also improve further, which was not expected in the beginning.
Drops of God season 1 episode 7
Drops of God season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Food and Wine 1

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