Drops of God season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Link

In the fifth episode of Drops of God, Camille and Issei are told about the second test, but before focusing on that, they must deal with their personal issues. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Camille and Issei are told that the second test involves a painting. They are shown a still-life painting by Fede Galizia, and the only clue they get is the word “link”. They have two weeks to find the wine that matches the painting.

Issei’s grandfather gives a statement to the media and shows his support for Issei. He claims that he wants Issei to win the competition. Later, Issei’s mother calls him to her office and shows him the note that Hirokazu left.

Although the note says that they should not look for Hirokazu, Issei still wants to go to the police, but his mother stops him from doing so. In fact, she does not do anything to look for her husband.

Issei is then told by his grandfather that since he decided to compete against their wishes, he no longer belongs to the family. If he does not win Alexandre’s fortune, he will lose everything, as he is not going to get anything from the family.

Camille tells Thomas and Luca about the second test. Luca advises her to try certain types of wines, and with Lorenzo, Miyabi, and Thomas, she starts doing that. Lorenzo continues flirting with Miyabi, and the two kiss when Camille and Thomas are not around.

Issei goes to the police, but the police cannot do much, as Hirokazu is an adult who chose to leave and even left behind a note. He then meets Ms. Katase, the journalist he knows, and asks for her help to look for his father.

He also agrees to give her an exclusive interview. Ms. Katase asks Issei to think about the reason behind his father disappearing like that, as she does not think that people leave just because something awful is said to them or because they have secrets.

Issei decides to dig into his parents’ past. He goes to the university they attended together and finds out that they attended Alexandre’s classes for as long as he was there. He also manages to get the name and address of Alexandre’s class interpreter.

Meanwhile, Thomas tells Camille that he has been with his girlfriend for seven years and that she proposed to him. When Thomas and Camille return home drunk, Camille kisses him, but he stops her.

Ms. Katase informs Issei that his father was last seen at a train station, and it is only a matter of time before they find where he went. Issei believes that his father left because he and his mother did not value him, and he tells his mother the same.

Luca introduces Camille to Jacques Fusier, the publisher of the Léger Guides. Luca makes her taste a wine, and her opinion of the wine is exactly the same as Alexandre’s, which strengthens Luca and Jacques’s belief that she should take over the Léger Guides.

However, when she shares the news with Thomas, he tells her that she is not ready for this. The two get into an argument, and Camille asks him to leave. By the time she goes to apologize to him, he has left already.

During Issei’s exclusive interview, he makes it clear that he will never take over his grandfather’s company. He also thanks his father on television for understanding him and says that he is proud to be his son. 

Hirokazu is working in a small restaurant somewhere and watches this interview there. The next day, he leaves the place.

Issei goes to meet the interpreter who was always present in Alexandre’s lectures. She gives him a box that has everything from Alexandre’s classes. She also invites him to chat with her but asks him to be prepared to face the truth.

She tells Issei about his parents’ past. He finds out that he is Alexandre’s son, and that is why Alexandre gave him an opportunity to win his inheritance. Issei thinks about calling Camille after that but decides against it.


  • In this episode, the focus shifts from the competition to the personal lives and relationships of the characters. A glimpse into their lives allows the audience to understand these characters.
  • Additionally, the audience gets to see Issei as a person who is more than just Camille’s opponent. However, he still remains mostly unemotional, which makes it seem like he is not affected by anything.
  • Issei finding out the truth about his parents was not too dramatized, but the scene had enough tension. The camera focuses solely on Issei as the truth settles in while the background music conveys the impact it has on Issei.
Drops of God season 1 episode 5
Drops of God season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Link 1

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