Doom Patrol season 4 episode 10 recap & review: Tomb Patrol

In episode 10 of Doom Patrol, Laura finds a way to possibly get the team’s longevity back, and a previous threat returns to cause some more trouble. The episode is streaming on Max.


The Butt Hunter is being chased by a Were-butt and he handily dispatches it. However, the talking Were-butt that escaped from the mansion reveals itself and tells the hunter that he’s looking for someone, as countless more Were-butts emerge from the darkness.

Vic goes to S.T.A.R. Labs to meet his father and talks about his desire to become Cyborg again. Isabel visits the mansion and Laura comes face to face with her. Isabel says that she’s workshopping a one-woman show and would like the Doom Patrol to attend.

She wants to tell her story so that people understand and accept her for who she is. Larry is digging his own grave outside the greenhouse so that Keeg can live on in the orchids surrounding them after he passes.

Rama says that he wishes to visit his homeland of Tamil Nadu and finally see where he came from. He then plans on taking a boat out to sea and turning himself into lead so that he can drift down to the bottom since his body is unstable.

He asks Larry to accompany him but Larry doesn’t want to leave his family. Laura heads to Rita first to convince her that they need to attend Isabel’s show, but Rita is more focused on making a meal for the family to enjoy.

Jane sits before the piles of puzzle pieces and suddenly sees some of them matching so she begins to put them together. This transports her to the underground but she doesn’t see any of her other personas, only heaps of dust.

She is pulled out when Cliff calls out her name. He says that she was staring out into the distance while ripping the puzzles apart. He says that he’s planning on driving to Florida to see his daughter and grandson.

He convinces her to come along but they are interrupted when Laura rings the alarm summoning all of them. Jane doesn’t attend but Rita, Larry, and Cliff see what Laura has to say.

She draws attention to the growth on the back of Isabel’s neck and how it closely resembles the necklace that the Chief used to wear. She is certain that it is the source of Immortus’s powers and if they can get their hands on it, they can get their longevity back.

The others are dismissive of her plan and go back to doing their own thing. Vic shows his father some modifications that he and Derrek came up with for his cybernetics this time around.

He also wants to make sure he and his father won’t argue like they always used to. They both have moments of retrospection and overcome any tension that exists between them.

While they’re on the road, Jane tells Cliff that she might be suffering from dementia and hears voices in her head that tell her to “say it”, even though she doesn’t know what “it’ is.

Cliff is tired of how unfair life has been to him and just wants to spend his final moments with his family. His foot gets stuck on the pedal but Jane manages to pull the break in time.

She takes over but while she’s driving, she sees someone else sitting next to her and hears the voices that have been plaguing her mind as they are driven off the road.

Isabel is worshipping her performance for a small crowd and Laura is the only one from the team who attends. Isabel acts out her entire life but the crowd still finds her character very unlikeable and laughs at the suggestion that it is ready to open later that evening.

She makes them all disappear in anger and Laura speaks up saying that she actually enjoyed the performance.

Dr. Margaret returns home looking very distressed and tells Nicholas that she has a letter from Teddy, the other talking Were-butt. The letter calls for a revolution and Teddy asks Nicholas to join him.

Nicholas prefers his peaceful life with Margaret, something Teddy predicted. To give him no choice, he turns Margaret into one of the Were-butts.

Isabel wonders out loud why she is never able to get people to accept her, and Laura feels the same way. While she’s reminiscing, she mentions the Sisterhood of Evil and how she enjoyed being a villain.

That strikes a chord in Isabel’s mind, and she convinces herself that she should just become a supervillain instead of trying to win over everyone else. She asks Laura to be her sidekick, but Laura is apprehensive.

Rita and Larry sit down for dinner but they argue with each other because of their differing perspectives on how to spend their final days. Larry sits down with Rita later on and apologizes to her. She asks him about the love of his life, Rama, just as Cliff and Jane show up.

The team enjoys talking about the fun times they have had together. They land on the subject of Laura and realize that she’s gone to take on Isabel on her own and Rita insists that they go help her.

She gets up to leave but collapses due to her old age. They take her to her bedroom and then head to help Laura so that Rita doesn’t have to go so soon.

When they reach the playhouse, they are confronted by the Were-butts who crave their revenge. Victor shows up with his cybernetics to save them and they rush inside.

Laura sees her moment and tries to get the growth from Isabel’s back but Isabel sees her coming and stops her. The others rush in, and she tells them that she’s tired of them always trying to interfere with her plans.

She decides to give them a taste of what she had to go through, opens up the timestream, and throws them all in.


  • It’s pretty much a stumble to the finish with everything converging to offer up the best possible finale but the series has gone too far to pull things back now.
  • The Were-butts and Isabel Immortus are decent dual threats and the team will certainly find a creative way to deal with them, but this episode mostly raises questions.
  • There are many inconsistencies, such as the disappearance of Dorothy and Casey after the previous episode which didn’t even get a mention this time around, and that has plagued the series throughout.
Doom Patrol season 4 episode 10
Doom Patrol season 4 episode 10 recap & review: Tomb Patrol 1

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