Doctor Cha season 1 episode 5 recap & review

In Doctor Cha episode 5, Jeong-Suk considers leaving the residency in the wake of great pressure from work as well an increasing difficulty in helping out I-Rang with her college admissions.


In-Ho helps carry Jeong-Suk to the emergency room when she faints while doing chest compressions on Chairman Oh. She eventually recovers and hears about the fact that In-Ho did that for her, which makes her doubt if she even saw the bracelet in Seung-Hi’s wrist in the first place.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jeon finds Jeong-Suk increasingly suspicious, as she asks Jung-Min to be careful as he seems to be growing close to her. She also wonders what she has that is making her seem close with everyone, including Dr. Seo, because there’s already a rumor floating around that he and Jeong-Suk are a couple.

Seung-Hi sees the same bracelet in Jeong-Suk’s wrist and flips out on In-Ho, who explains her why that is. Later, Seung-Hi has an emotional confrontation with her daughter who lashes out at her for being Seo’s mistress and holding out for hope that he’ll marry her.

Seung-Hi cranks the gear and begins overloading Jeong-Suk with tasks after tasks, intending to break her so she leaves the hospital. It works on her too, as a lapse in supervision on her part results in the criminal patient breaking out of her handcuffs and take away in a taxi.

Jeong-Suk gets an earful from her supervisor and even gets advised that she quits the job. The patient is later brought back to the police but Jeong-Suk already grows doubtful about staying at the hospital and continue her work. To add to her troubles, she also can’t help with I-Rang’s college admissions, which is further driving a wedge between them.

However, Chairman Oh, who gets discharged from the hospital after a successful surgery and recovery, pulls a flashy move that helps Jeong-Suk’s reputation blast off to the sky, enabling her to stay at the hospital and continue her residency, as Doctor Cha episode 5 rolls the credits.


  • Doctor Cha episode 5 is a lot of fun towards the end, where Chairman Oh surfaces as the true champ as he saves the day and Jeong-Suk, which costs him 10 billion won but it’s still nothing in front of the gratitude and love he has for her.
  • Which brings one to the best part of the episode where Jeong-Suk shares her emotional turmoil with Chairman Oh and he scolds her like her father used to, a similarity that she points out to him, making him choked up in a moment that’s very adorable and precious.
  • Meanwhile, a shocking revelation is made regarding the relationship Seung-Hi’s daughter has with In-Ho that raises a number of other questions as well, one of them being if In-Ho even knows that he has a child with Seung-Hi or is this something she’s kept hidden from him as well as others.
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 5
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 5 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Jung-wook, Kim Dae-jin

Date Created: 2023-04-29 20:30

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