Doctor Cha season 1 episode 3 recap & review

Doctor Cha episode 3 sees the titular character step into a new phase of her life, which comes with its own set of battles she must endure while all sorts of hilarity ensues.


Jeong-Suk receives the call and learns that she was rejected after the interview. She doesn’t want to take a vacation but has to when nothing else remains for her to do. However, she receives another phone call — this one being the best she could have gotten — telling her that she’s been accepted as a resident.

In lieu of the other candidate who instead chose to do his military service, Jeong-Suk is accepted into Gusan University Hospital, where she shocks the lives out of Seung-Hi and In-Ho. Her husband tries to talk her out of these wild shenanigans in private, but Jeong-Suk stands her ground and refuses to entertain him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Roy Kim has also transferred to the hospital where In-Ho meets him and tries to get him to scare his wife, so that she would stop working as a medical resident. However, Kim deflects and refuses to do so in an ever-so-slick manner. Meanwhile, Jeong-Suk meets Seung-Hi and chats for a bit.

Seung-Hi and In-Ho meet each other too, many times over, in private and a whole lot of headache and anxiety over Jeong-Suk’s arrival. In-Ho proposes since Seung-Hi is her supervisor, she must do everything in her power to pressurize Jeong-Suk so she eventually quits.

Jeong-Suk’s work has her busy and all drained, so much so that she doesn’t have any energy to spare when her mother-in-law tries to talk her out of working and coming home late, on top of not doing any work that everything expects from her. She still has to listen to her frustrations and later, confront In-Ho again.

Jeong-Suk stands her ground again and doesn’t budge from her position and desire to start anew with her life. In-Ho says he accepts but his conditions are that she’d have to work very hard and not expect any leniency from him, in addition to hiding the nature of their relationship to anyone in the hospital.

This proves to be a bit difficult for Jeong-Suk, who gets on Dr. Jeon’s radar when the latter spots her patting Jung-Min on his behind, understandably finding it suspicious. Later, everyone in the staff is invited to a dinner party and when everyone starts heaping praises at In-Ho for being such a good husband, Jeong-Suk can’t help but laugh like a hyena, with the alcohol doing its job too.

Doctor Cha episode 3 ends with Jeong-Suk being asked what her husband does, to which she says that he’s dead, causing In-Ho to do a spit take just as Jung-Min burns his hand on the grill, causing Jeong-Suk to scream his name.


  • Doctor Cha episode 3 is a riot with more lighter moments than the heavier, emotional ones. And it’s a great positive as the laughs come naturally with the amount of shenanigans that Jeong-Suk’s rookie persona pulls, causing a mayhem for herself and best of all, terrifying In-Ho out of his mind everytime.
  • The conflict between Jeong-Suk and Dr. Jeon over Jung-Min is also hilarious and adorable, and the future episodes of Doctor Cha can do a lot better with more of this rivalry.
  • It’s heartwarming to see Jeong-Suk’s mother stand up to her mother-in-law and give her the piece of mind straight up and without any fluff, but sad at the same time to see I-Rang not empathizing with her mother at all.
Doctor Cha
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 3 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Dae-jin, Kim Jung Wook

Date Created: 2023-04-22 21:00

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