Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 7 recap & review

In the seventh episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, Sung-han is ready to fight Yeong-ju, and Seo-jin hears shocking news about Choi Jun’s client. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sung-han dresses up and goes to meet Yu-seok. Sung-han once again asks him if he truly tried his best to defend Ju-hwa. He also provokes him by telling him that there is a difference between a con artist and an attorney; incompetent, money-hungry attorneys ruin people’s lives.

He then hands him the card that Yeong-ju sent him with his new client, Mr. Ma Chun-seok, and asks him to tell her the words “Nice timing” and “1225”.

When Yeong-ju finds out that Sung-han has taken Chun-seok’s case, she rejoices, as she thinks that Sung-han has taken the bait, but at the same time, she gets confused when Yu-seok relays his message to her.

She thinks about the time she met Chun-seok for the first time. His wife, Dinh Thi Hoa, a Vietnamese woman, was being kept under protection because she claimed that he hit her and broke her arm. 

An angry Chun-seok showed up to get his wife and child back with a shovel. Yeong-ju approached the man and told him that Sung-han would help him; she also asked him to show Sung-han her card.

Back in the present, she asks Yu-seok to take the case, as she cannot be the one offering pro bono legal services.

Sung-han meets Ms. Ma to ask her a question. However, before answering, she asks him why he is wasting away his life after Ju-hwa’s death. He tells her that when she was alive, he left her to go abroad and never felt bad about it. 

Their father was forcing Ju-hwa to marry someone against her wishes, but Sung-han did not help her and asked her to deal with it on her own, as she was a grown woman and he was busy with his graduation recital. He regrets it now. 

He asks Ms. Ma, as Ju-hwa’s brother, if Yeong-ju was in Hawaii the night Ju-hwa died, and Ms. Ma gives an affirmative answer. He then tells her that she can call him if she needs him, and she, in turn, questions him whether he can win any case.

Sung-han admits that he cannot win all the cases, but he will definitely put up a fight. Later, Ms. Ma gets a call from her husband, Chairman Seo Chang-jin, but she does not answer.

Hyeong-geun and Jeong-sik speculate that Sung-han is dating someone when he shows up at the office wearing a new suit. Ms. Kim calls Hyeong-geun and serves him good dishes for lunch, claiming that her mother wanted her to feed him.

Yeong-ju visits Chairman Seo to tell him that Ms. Ma has been regularly visiting Sung-han in order to make Chairman Seo think that Ms. Ma wants to divorce him. He initially dismisses her but has the same doubts later when Ms. Ma refuses to move in with him.

The couple does not live together. While Chairman Seo keeps asking Ms. Ma to come and live with him, she prefers to stay at a hotel. In fact, she tells him that she is going back to Hawaii.

Yeong-ju wants Yu-seok to do an interview with Dinh Thi Hoa to show the world that Keumhwa Law Firm brings hope to the disadvantaged. Yu-seok thinks that she is trying to destroy Sung-han, which will be the end of all of them.

Seo-jin calls Choi Jun’s client, Ms. Jo Min-jeong, whom she met a few days ago, only to find out that she has been hospitalized after overdosing. 

She goes to visit her with Choi Jung, who tells her that schizophrenia cannot be cured and that she must have done something like this because of her marriage’s stress.

At the hospital, Min-jeong’s father is ready to support her, but her mother wants her to sort things out with her husband, Hyeon-tae, who rushes in to see her. He seems very distressed and blames himself for everything. 

However, Seo-jin does not buy it, as she remembers her own story; even her husband looked like the perfect, caring man, but she was the only one who knew what was really going on. Therefore, she sends Choi Jun to keep an eye on Hyeon-tae.

Seo-jin meets Min-jeong and shares her own problems with her, but not without telling her that she still wants to be happy. Min-jeong, on the other hand, thinks she will be miserable for as long as she lives. 

Choi Jun finds out that Hyeon-tae was only pretending to be upset, as he sees him watching a variety show and laughing in the hospital. Seo-jin blames herself for Min-jeong’s condition, but Ms. Kim reassures her that it was not her fault.

Sung-han thinks about Chun-seok’s case. The man is a farmer, and he told Sung-han that he has never hit anyone. Sung-han also noticed that he cannot raise his right arm, which makes it impossible for him to hit his wife with that hand and break her left arm.

To investigate further, he asks Hyeong-geun to go to Haenam, Chun-seok’s town. Hyeong-geun decides to take Choi Jun with him. 

Seo-jin’s radio show’s former producer, Ho-yeong, visits her in the office and wins everyone’s heart immediately. Jeong-sik storms into the office to complain about her car, not knowing that it is Ho-yeong’s, and continues making a fool of himself.

Ms. Ma calls Sung-han to meet her and warns him that winning against Daenam Electronics’ attorneys would not be easy. She offers to get him on television to help him out. 

Sung-han then finds out about Keumhwa’s interviews. They have helped them gain public sympathy for Dinh Thi Hoa, putting Chun-seok in a bad light.

Sung-han talks to an upset Chun-seok at night. Chun-seok tells him that when he went to Vietnam for the first time, he felt like he could give Dinh Thi Hoa, who was poor, a better life if he worked harder, so he married her despite their age difference.

People around him think that he bought a poor woman, but Sung-han tells him that he should fight for his honor and prove to everyone that he did not buy and abuse a young, foreign woman.

Sung-han warns him that the lawsuit is going to get messier. Sung-han is going to do something that will become the talk of the town, but he will get Chun-seok’s honor back.


  • Choi Jun’s character continues to be amusing. He somehow ends up spying on people, and although he is not the most subtle man, he manages to get useful information.
  • Until now, Sung-han, Hyeong-geun, and Jeong-sik’s friendship was the most important one, but now the show is also focusing on female friendships that are truly wholesome.
  • The episode’s ending was somber and heartfelt. The last scene connects Sung-han’s pain to his client’s suffering through music. While Sung-han cannot do anything about his regrets, he can at least find relief by helping his clients.
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 7
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 7 recap & review 1

Director: Lee Jae-hoon

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