Destined with You season 1 episode 7 recap & review

The seventh episode of Destined with You sees Hong-jo, Jae-gyeong, and Sin-yu trying to figure out if the love spell is the cause of Sin-yu’s feelings for Hong-jo. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Jae-gyeong sees Sin-yu at Hong-jo’s house and Sin-yu tells him that he is in love with Hong-jo, the two men get into an argument. Hong-jo intervenes and decides to tell Jae-gyeong the whole truth about casting the love spell and its consequences.

Sin-yu tells him that the shaman who wrote the book was killed by one of Sin-yu’s ancestors, who had passed the military exam to serve the king back then. However, Jae-gyeong does not believe that shaman spells can work.

Jae-gyeong proposes that Hong-jo should cast another spell to see whether the love spell worked or not. If the spell does not work, Sin-yu will have to stop pursuing Hong-jo. If it does work, Jae-gyeong will have to stop interfering in this matter.

While Hong-jo casts a spell, Sin-yu waits at Jae-gyeong’s house. Jae-gyeong admits that he regrets rejecting Hong-jo. He also thinks that Sin-yu has been attracted to Hong-jo since the beginning and has been using the love spell as an excuse.

Hong-jo casts the spell for fair skin. Sin-yu and Jae-gyeong both argue whether it has worked or not. Hong-jo and Jae-gyeong think that the spell has not worked, so Sin-yu has to stay away from Hong-jo now.

Jae-gyeong then calls Hong-jo to have drinks with him on the rooftop. Sin-yu sees the garden owner, who has been pursuing Hong-jo, near Hong-jo’s house and calls her to warn her. It is Jae-gyeong who picks up the phone and assumes that Sin-yu is once again making an excuse to talk to Hong-jo.

Jae-gyeong consults his doctor to find out if his feelings for Hong-jo have anything to do with his disease. The doctor tells him about neural coupling. He thinks that an intense story could have caused confusion in Sin-yu’s brain, resulting in him having feelings for Hong-jo.

Sin-yu tells Jae-gyeong about this. Jae-gyeong admits to him that he wants to be something to Hong-jo and that he is going to tell her about his changed feelings towards her. 

Sin-yu also meets Hong-jo and tells her about neural coupling. Later, Hong-jo reads the text messages that Sin-yu had earlier sent her and laughs. Sin-yu is no longer texting or calling her. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Gong is going on a date with a popular girl, and this bothers Ms. Ma. Everyone working at the City Hall finds out that Na-yeon is the mayor’s daughter and Sin-yu’s fiancée. 

Hong-jo cannot understand her feelings and calls Eun-wol, who tells her the story of a woman. The woman was in love with a king but could not be with him, so she decided to be with another man, who turned out to be a eunuch. Eun-wol thinks Hong-jo is like that woman, but Hong-jo does not understand what she means.

The garden owner starts stalking Hong-jo and behaving inappropriately, so she requests Ms. Ma to let her terminate his contract. Sin-yu pays the garden owner a visit and warns him not to harass Hong-jo again if he wishes to continue working with the City Hall. 

Hong-jo plans an eco-plogging event at work, and the mayor makes everyone participate. Sin-yu does not approach her, but Jae-gyeong, who now wants to date Hong-jo, does. At the same time, people start noticing that Hong-jo’s skin looks better.

Sin-yu’s mother meets Wook to ask him for Sin-yu’s father’s showpiece. Wook has bought tickets to watch a meteor shower for her, and he makes her happy when he gives the tickets to her. Sin-yu finds out that his father and Na-yeon have fixed the wedding date without discussing it with him.

Hong-jo’s coworkers saw her with Sin-yu, and they now believe that she is trying to date Sin-yu. They feel bad for her when they come to know that Sin-yu is with Hong-jo’s school friend and invite her to have drinks with them for the first time.

They ask her about her heart racing when she sees Sin-yu, she thinks about his confession and blushes. Hong-jo gets drunk with them, and when she is calling a cab, Sin-yu approaches her. 

Hong-jo sees that Sin-yu has not used her name to save her number in his phone and gets upset. Sin-yu brings her something to drink and admits that he is worried about her. Hong-jo tells him that he confuses her. She is also upset about him not calling her anymore. 

The next day, Hong-jo accompanies Jae-gyeong to the animal shelter. Jae-gyeong tells her that he wants to give her butterflies, but Hong-jo is no longer blushing around him.

Someone sends Na-yeon pictures of Sin-yu and Hong-jo together, and she questions Sin-yu about them. She then visits Hong-jo and slaps her. She thinks that something is going on between Sin-yu and Hong-jo, but she also thinks that Hong-jo is nothing. It is also revealed that Na-yeon is cheating on Sin-yu.

Na-yeon’s insults infuriate Hong-jo, and she meets Sin-yu to return the wooden box as well as the dress he had given her. She tells him about Na-yeon slapping her and finds out that he told Na-yeon that he is being swayed.

He admits to Hong-jo that he is being swayed by her. However, he does not intend to pursue her anymore. This does not make Hong-jo relieved, and she tries to leave, but Sin-yu stops her. He decides to be honest with her and kisses her.


  • The show first convinced the audience that the spells in the ancient spell book work and then makes them doubt that in this episode, turning Sin-yu’s feelings for Hong-jo into a mystery that needs to be solved.
  • Similarly, the show tried to depict that Na-yeon has grown as a person and then revealed that she is still a bully. Na-yeon’s character development was never convincing, but even then, the revelation took away any complexity from her character.
  • Sin-yu’s shenanigans never fail to make the audience laugh. On top of that, someone like Jae-gyeong acting as ridiculous as Sin-yu for Hong-jo’s attention makes for an entertaining episode. 
Destined with You season 1 episode 7
Destined with You season 1 episode 7 recap & review 1

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