Destined with You season 1 episode 6 recap & review

In the sixth episode of Destined with You, Hong-jo casts the disaster nullification spell to break the love spell, but it does not have the desired result. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


After trying to kiss Hong-jo, Sin-yu wakes up naked in his bed. He does not remember how he ended up there. He meets Hong-jo the next day and asks her about the events of the previous night, but she does not tell him anything.

Later that day, Na-yeon calls Hong-jo to meet her. Na-yeon recently found out about Hong-jo’s father’s death. She cries about the fact that Hong-jo suffered a lot after dropping out. Hong-jo tells her that she resented her back then, but she does not blame her for her father’s death. 

Na-yeon is relieved to know this. She calls Sin-yu to join them and introduces him to Hong-jo as her fiancé. It turns out that Na-yeon lied to Sin-yu earlier; she will be working at Onju City Hall. 

Hong-jo is not comfortable around Sin-yu and Na-yeon, so she makes an excuse and leaves. She then runs into Jae-gyeong, who invites her to have lunch with him, even though he has already eaten, when he realizes that she did not eat during her lunch break.

He admits that he was worried about her the previous night. Hong-jo assures him that there is nothing between her and Sin-yu. She had earlier received roses and had assumed that they were from Jae-gyeong, but he tells her that he did not send her any flowers and asks her to throw them away.

Mr. Gong is still upset with Ms. Ma. He considered her his family, but she told him that he was nothing to her. However, he comes to her rescue when a man, whom Ms. Ma had yelled at on the phone to defend Hong-jo, comes to the City Hall and threatens her.

Mr. Gong easily takes the man down and impresses Ms. Ma, but he also tells her that he did not do it for her. Later, when they consult Sin-yu, they find out that Mr. Gong’s actions might not be considered self-defense, which means he will not be getting promoted again this year.

Sin-yu keeps missing Hong-jo while working. When he meets Jae-gyeong at work, he asks him why he moved into Hong-jo’s house, and Jae-gyeong asks him not to come to the house again.

The City Hall is suing Haum Construction for illegally occupying a road. However, the owner comes to meet the mayor and Sin-yu. He is ready to pay compensation without going to court because he knows that he will not be able to win against Sin-yu. 

Jae-gyeong figures out that Sin-yu and Hong-jo are going to do something together, as Hong-jo and Sin-yu had both mentioned having plans on the day of the full moon. Hong-jo will be casting the disaster nullification spell.

Hong-jo thinks about what happened the night she took a drunk Sin-yu home. Sin-yu never kissed her because he passed out. She then took him home, and he admitted that he does not want her to cast the disaster nullification spell.

He told Hong-jo that he has feelings for her and has never felt like this for anyone before. While Hong-jo thinks that it is the love spell that is making him feel this, he thinks that it is love and that the spell has nothing to do with it. His confession discomforted Hong-jo.

Hong-jo and Sin-yu meet at a park to cast the disaster nullification spell. Sin-yu is reluctant to go ahead with their plan and tries to convince Hong-jo not to do it. He even makes her help a woman find her dog just to stop Hong-jo from casting the spell.

Sin-yu admits that he does not want her to get rid of him and date Jae-gyeong. Sin-yu agrees to let her cast the spell when she tells him that she is grateful because his constant calls and visits made her less lonely. 

Hong-jo casts the disaster nullification spell. Hong-jo has to write a specific phrase on a piece of paper, and Sin-yu has to carry that paper with him for 100 days. The next day, Sin-yu calls Hong-jo to tell her that the spell worked, as he has not thought about her all night.

This makes Hong-jo extremely happy, and her day only gets better when Jae-gyeong drives her to work and asks her to go to the animal shelter with him. At the same time, Hong-jo realizes that Na-yeon only apologized to her because she will be working at the City Hall. 

Meanwhile, Sin-yu’s parents do not get along, and his mother wants to divorce his father. His frustrated mother sells his father’s treasured showpiece to Wook. This leads to Sin-yu’s father also asking for a divorce.

A gardener, who works with Hong-jo often, comes to ask her out on a date. It turns out that he also drank the love potion from Hong-jo’s tumbler and that he is the one who sent her the roses. Hong-jo does not want to go out with him, but the man does not leave her alone until Sin-yu interrupts them and takes Hong-jo with him.

Sin-yu realizes that his feelings for Hong-jo have not gone away and checks the paper that he is supposed to keep with him for 100 days. He takes the paper to Hong-jo and shows her that the disaster nullification spell will not work because she spelled the words wrong.

Hong-jo defends herself by claiming that she was nervous because Sin-yu had confessed his love for her. When Jae-gyeong arrives there and asks Sin-yu why has he come to meet Hong-jo again, Sin-yu answers that he is in love with Hong-jo.


  • Although Sin-yu’s parents do not get much screen time, they still make the audience crack up. The show somehow makes their frustrations with each other and their marriage falling apart an entertaining affair.
  • Mr. Gong is the unexpected knight in shining armor in this episode. The physical maneuver that he performs is so dramatic that it becomes funny. His relationship with Ms. Ma is also starting to get interesting.
  • Unlike Sin-yu’s other declarations of love, his drunk confession sounded sincere. It even makes the audience question whether his feelings for Hong-jo are real and not just a result of the love spell.
Destined with You season 1 episode 6
Destined with You season 1 episode 6 recap & review 1

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