Destined with You season 1 episode 5 recap & review

In the fifth episode of Destined with You, Sin-yu and Hong-jo decide to defy their destinies, but it is not easy with the love spell working its magic. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


After crying for her father at the beach, Hong-jo goes to have dinner, and Sin-yu joins her. Hong-jo tells Sin-yu that her father died on this day, and that is why she is commemorating his death. 

Hong-jo wants to believe that her father is eating with her, so Sin-yu also acts like her father is there. He asks her about her father’s death, but she does not know him well enough to tell him something so personal.

Hong-jo finds out that Sin-yu does not drink. She also comes to know that Sin-yu figured out what Eun-wol told her about their destinies. He knows that Hong-jo must have felt sorry for him, as he will be in love with her forever because of the love spell.

Hong-jo thinks that the two of them should go against their destinies, and Sin-yu agrees. He still goes to drop her home because she is drunk. In the car, when she clings to him and he does not want to push her away, he realizes that he cannot go against his destiny. 

At work, Hong-jo gets a complaint that Mount Onju is covered in blood. Hong-jo and her team go to find out what happened. Mr. Gong tells them that the tree tags are covered in chicken blood and asks them to simply wipe them. Mr. Gong is still hurt because of his argument with Ms. Ma and is thinking of transferring to another department.

Sin-yu calls Hong-jo to his office. She thinks that he wants to discuss the blood incident, but it turns out that he called her to see if she is going against her destiny or not. He keeps trying to contact her because he cannot stop himself and expects her to go against her destiny by not answering.

His feelings for Hong-jo make everything difficult for him. Na-yeon asked him to marry her after finding out that he broke up with her because he is sick. Sin-yu is now engaged to Na-yeon and their families are also involved, but he has feelings for Hong-jo.

Sin-yu goes on a date with his fiancée. There, he sees a woman who looks like Hong-jo. He then goes to Hong-jo’s house to ask her about it, but she tells him that she had gone to meet Eun-wol. 

Sin-yu makes a comment about Na-yeon being a goddess and implies that she is so much better than Hong-jo. This makes Hong-jo think about how Na-yeon bullied and humiliated her when they were in school.

Sin-yu and Hong-jo have lunch together the next day as well, and Hong-jo tells him that she believes her destiny is on the first floor. Sin-yu does not know that Jae-gyeong lives in the same house as Hong-jo, so he does not understand what she is saying.

Hong-jo brings plants for Jae-gyeong as a welcome gift. When he sees her gardening for him, he invites her to have dinner with him. While Hong-jo is excited and happy, Sin-yu gets jealous when he finds out she is with a man.

Na-yeon tells Sin-yu that she is working on a project at the City Hall but not the City Hall where Sin-yu works. Meanwhile, Sin-yu’s mother meets his friend, Wook, and tells him that she is planning to divorce her husband. 

Having feelings for both Na-yeon and Hong-jo frustrates Sin-yu, and he ends up drinking for the first time. He gets drunk and remembers that when he was taking a drunk Hong-jo home the other night, she told him about how her father died.

Hong-jo dropped out of school because she was getting bullied. Instead of getting angry, her father took her fishing. Her father jumped into the river when he saw two girls drowning, and he died while trying to save them. Hong-jo still blames herself for her father’s death.  

Sin-yu ends up going to Hong-jo’s house again. He tells her that he got drunk to forget her. Sin-yu does not know that Hong-jo has also started thinking about him and his phone calls. Jae-gyeong comes home from work, and Sin-yu understands what Hong-jo meant about her destiny being on the first floor.

When Jae-gyeong sees a drunk Sin-yu with Hong-jo, he thinks that Sin-yu is cheating on his fiancée and tries to take him home. Hong-jo acknowledges that she is partly responsible for Sin-yu’s condition and decides to drive him home. 

When Sin-yu gets sick on their way, Hong-jo has to stop somewhere and sit with him. The two of them talk about why she likes Jae-gyeong. Furthermore, Hong-jo tells him that she is going to use the disaster nullification spell to reverse the love spell.

Sin-yu asks her whether she has not started liking him during their time together. Hong-jo denies having feelings for him but starts blushing, and Sin-yu knows that she does that when she is talking to someone she likes. He then tries to kiss her. 


  • Sin-yu eating with Hong-jo, acting like her father is with them, and talking to her father is quite sweet. It is evident that Hong-jo has also started developing feelings for Sin-yu, and it is not just because Sin-yu has been following her around.  
  • At the same time, Hong-jo’s interactions with Jae-gyeong are no less sweet. Jae-gyeong trying to be funny and failing miserably brings out a new side of his character, who has only been seen as a no-nonsense person until now.
  • Although Sin-yu’s feelings frustrate and upset him in this episode, his character continues to be hilarious. Sin-yu struggling between defying his destiny and acting on his feelings for Hong-jo makes the episode very entertaining.  
Destined with You season 1 episode 5
Destined with You season 1 episode 5 recap & review 1

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