Destined with You season 1 episode 4 recap & review

In the fourth episode of Destined with You, Hong-jo and Sin-yu face the consequences of the love spell working on the wrong person. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sin-yu confesses that he likes Hong-jo and tells her how he ended up drinking the love potion that Jae-gyeong was supposed to drink. Sin-yu has been using his left hand because his illness makes his right hand tremble a lot, and that is why he drank the glass of water that was kept on his left.

Sin-yu asks Hong-jo to find a way to break the spell, but Hong-jo does not want to take responsibility because the spell book does not have instructions on how to reverse the spell.

Hong-jo thinks about her meeting with Jae-gyeong. He did not call her to confess his feelings for her. Instead, he asked her about her reasons for liking him, and Hong-jo told him that she once saw him volunteering at an animal shelter and started liking him.

Jae-gyeong told Hong-jo that he seems to be fine, but he is not fine. His relationship with his family is so bad that he wishes he did not have one. He also told her that he would have been happy to hear her confession if he was not the person that he is. He then asked her to find a better partner than him.

Like Hong-jo, Jae-gyeong also thinks about his meeting with Hong-jo. She had admitted to him that she believed him to be perfect, but once he told her about his family, she realized that he is a very lonely man.

Sin-yu cannot stop himself from liking Hong-jo. He ends up acting like a man who is madly in love with Hong-jo against his will. His unwanted affection also annoys Hong-jo.

Ms. Ma realizes that Hong-jo has been given a lot more work than her coworkers and asks her if she is getting bullied by Mr. Gong and the team. Hong-jo does not tell her anything about the bullying, but Ms. Ma still makes it clear that there will be no outcasts in her department.

However, this is when Sin-yu interrupts the meeting to tell Ms. Ma that Hong-jo is getting bullied by her team, which makes Hong-jo angry. When Hong-jo finds out that Sin-yu broke up with Na-yeon and is not upset at all, she realizes that the situation is getting out of hand.

Sin-yu’s father tells Na-yeon about Sin-yu’s illness and asks her to stay by his side. Na-yeon thinks that Sin-yu broke up with her because he is sick, but she later sees Sin-yu with Hong-jo outside the City Hall.

When Hong-jo once again misplaces the tumbler that had the love potion in it and a man she works with finds it, she starts wondering whether he also drank the love potion and is now in love with her. On the other hand, Sin-yu keeps seeing a young girl in his dreams.

At night, a masked man follows Hong-jo, and she runs into Sin-yu. This is when Sin-yu gets to see her phone’s lock screen and realizes that the girl he has been dreaming of is none other than Hong-jo. He never met Hong-jo when she was young, but he still saw her in his dreams. 

Hong-jo gets sick of Sin-yu constantly acting like a lovesick man and takes him to see Shaman Eun-wol. The shaman meets them separately for fortune-telling sessions. Sin-yu is scared that he might actually fall in love with Hong-jo, and the shaman tells him that he has no power in this situation; it all depends on Hong-jo.

When it is Hong-jo’s turn, the shaman tells her that her father saved two lives. She knows that Hong-jo goes to the river to meet her father. She also tells her that Hong-jo is the chosen one, and that is why she was given the wooden box.

There is one more thing that the shaman tells Hong-jo about breaking the love spell, but Hong-jo does not tell Sin-yu that. Furthermore, the spell book says that spells cannot be reversed easily and that their reversal will result in a great disaster.

The next day, Ms. Ma rebukes Mr. Gong for not defending his juniors. She asks him to self-reflect instead of complaining about not getting promoted. It turns out that Mr. Gong has been neglecting his duties because he has filed a lawsuit against people who have been leaving hate comments online after Ms. Ma’s divorce. 

Mr. Gong has even gathered evidence, but Ms. Ma refuses to sue her haters. Mr. Gong cares about Ms. Ma and cannot stand people insulting her, but Ms. hurts him by telling him that he is nothing to her.

Sin-yu keeps annoying Hong-jo, as he wants to know about the shaman’s predictions. At the same time, Hong-jo finds out that her landowner has rented out the first floor of the house to someone. She gets extremely happy when she comes to know that the new tenant who has moved in downstairs is Jae-gyeong.

As Sin-yu keeps dreaming of Hong-jo, he goes to meet her. Sin-yu follows Hong-jo, who goes to the beach, as the shaman had told her that her father is there and not at the river. Hong-jo never commemorated her father’s death properly and kept going to the river to be closer to him.

She now pours her father a drink and cries. When Sin-yu and Hong-jo look at each other, Sin-yu realizes what the shaman must have told her. The shaman had said that they should accept the fact that their destinies cannot be severed.


  • Sin-yu accidentally drinking the love potion instead of Jae-gyeong was very predictable, but the show managed to make the whole incident and the events that followed hilarious. 
  • It is not just the comedy of errors that makes this episode entertaining but also Sin-yu unwillingly acting like a man who has become besotted with Hong-jo and declaring his love in the most unexpected ways. 
  • The audience gets to see yet another side of Sin-yu. Rowoon, who plays Sin-yu, goes from being a hard-headed man to a lovesick man with such ease that he makes it look very natural.
Destined with You season 1 episode 4
Destined with You season 1 episode 4 recap & review 1

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