Destined with You season 1 episode 14 recap & review

In the fourteenth episode of Destined with You, as Sin-yu fights for his life, the secrets of his past life are revealed. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


After getting stabbed, Sin-yu calls Hong-jo Aeng-cho and apologizes to her before passing out. He is taken to the hospital, where the doctors struggle to save his life. His heart stops beating for a while, but the doctors manage to resuscitate him.

The scene shifts to Sin-yu’s past life. His father, the governor, is not happy about the fact that his son is in love with a lowly shaman, Aeng-cho. He threatens to do unspeakable things to her if Sin-yu, who was named Mu-jin in his past life, does not marry the girl of his choice. 

Mu-jin decides to leave everything and run away with Aeng-cho. At the last minute, Aeng-cho tells him that she has seen the future and that she does not belong with him. She also tells him that she does not love him enough to run away with him.

It turns out that Mu-jin’s father knew that his son was planning to run away, so he kidnapped and hurt the woman who raised her. Aeng-cho had no choice but to follow his orders and lie to Mu-jin. Aeng-cho and Mu-jin stop meeting after that.

Sometime later, the king’s concubine finds a spell book and summons Aeng-cho. She asks Aeng-cho to stay in the palace and cast a spell that will give her a son. Aeng-cho does as she says and tries to stay hidden, but Mu-jin finds her.

Aeng-cho gets to tell him that she was forced to lie to him. They start meeting again and keep their relationship a secret. The concubine gives birth to a son, but she is not satisfied. She wants Aeng-cho to cast a black magic spell and kill the crown prince, even though it will be Aeng-cho who will have to pay the price.

She threatens to harm Mu-jin if Aeng-cho refuses, but Aeng-cho still cannot bring herself to do it. There have been rumors about an evil shaman living in the palace, so when the crown prince dies, the king’s loyal guard, who is none other than Jae-gyeong, captures and tortures Aeng-cho.

Aeng-cho’s spell books are burned, and the king almost kills her. However, her curse stops him. According to the curse, the person who would end her life will die in agony, their descendants will die early deaths, and their family will perish.

The king and his men are scared to kill Aeng-cho, so she is sealed in a well. Mu-jin rescues her, but she pays the price for using black magic. Mu-jin wants Aeng-cho to give the last spell book to the concubine because that is the only thing she wants. The concubine’s servant is Na Jung-beom, and he is ordered to find the book.

Aeng-cho will be able to leave with Mu-jin if she gives the concubine the spell book. She trusts Mu-jin and gives him the book. Mu-jin takes it to the concubine the next morning, but Jae-gyeong catches him. He tries to kill him and tells him that Aeng-cho will be dismembered by an animal.

Mu-jin survives and goes to rescue Aeng-cho once again. It does not take him long to understand that he is about to die, and he cannot protect Aeng-cho. He does not want her to die a painful death, so he kills her without caring about the curse.

Back to the present, the doctors save Sin-yu. Hong-jo tells the police about what happened, and they give her a smartwatch to alert them if she finds herself in danger. Hong-jo also meets Sin-yu’s parents, but she is ashamed to face them, as she blames herself for Sin-yu’s condition.

Jae-gyeong comforts Hong-jo, and once she is told that Sin-yu’s surgery was successful, she goes home. Hong-jo does not visit Sin-yu again, which makes Sin-yu’s father dislike her.

When others find out about the stabbing, the mayor reproaches his daughter for getting involved with Na Jung-beom, as it might look like she instigated him to stab Sin-yu.  

To prevent anyone else from getting hurt by Na Jung-beom, Hong-jo goes to stay with an old friend of her mother’s and asks Jae-gyeong to keep updating her on Sin-yu’s condition. Sin-yu wakes up and tries to contact Hong-jo, but she does not return his calls.

Sin-yu even asks Jae-gyeong about Hong-jo’s whereabouts, but Jae-gyeong does not tell him anything. Hong-jo is forced to come out of hiding when she gets a message from Na Jung-beom threatening to kill Sin-yu if Hong-jo does not meet him.

She goes to the place where Na Jung-beom asked her to come, but instead of Na Jung-beom, she meets Sin-yu there. Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that the curse has been broken because he died for a few minutes when he was in the hospital. 

The curse was broken with his death, and to prove his point, he lets her touch his cheek. The Red Hand does not appear this time. He also tells her that he saw everything that happened to them in his past life and that even then, he loved her the way he loves her now.


  • This episode mainly focuses on Sin-yu and Hong-jo’s past life, and the way their story is told is just very dull. The episode fails to get the audience invested in the story.
  • The past life scenes are unnecessarily long and dragged out. The episode takes nearly 40 minutes to tell a story that could have been told in half that time, and this is one of the factors that make it so dull. 
  • However, the writers chose to make Jae-gyeong the antagonist in Sin-yu and Hong-jo’s past life, which was a good move. It makes the audience see the character in a new light and doubt his intentions.
Destined with You season 1 episode 14
Destined with You season 1 episode 14 recap & review 1

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