Demon Slayer season 3 episode 3 recap & review: A Sword from Over 300 Years Ago

In Demon Slayer season 3 episode 3, Tanjiro faces grave danger from two Upper Rank demons who have found their way into the Swordsmith Village.


Tanjiro and Kotetsu hyperventilate at the sight of the legendary sword from 300 years ago stashed inside Yoriichi Type Zero. Kotetsu insists that Tanjiro take it, but he is terrified at the thought of wielding such an intimidating weapon.

They eventually unsheath it to find that it’s rusty, but cutting their disappointment short comes a bulked up and ultra muscular Haganezuka, who eventually snatches it away from the kids and takes it with him to repair it.

Later, Tanjiro tries to mingle with Genya and even though the latter has started warming up to him in his own angsty way, he’s still super veiny in the head and top-of-his-lungs yeller when it comes to social interaction.

Tanjiro braids Nezuko’s hair and the two go to sleep, eventually woken up by Tokito, who wants to look for his new swordsmith who has gone missing. Tanjiro offers to accompany him and his innocence and kind heart momentarily jerks Tokito out of his usual drab, zoned out personality.

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This sweet moment is cut short hazardously when Hantengu comes crawling inside their room, with his trademark snivelling, cartoonishly and cowardly whimpering manner. Tokito is swift with his sword but the attack merely scrathes the demon’s face. Tanjiro and Nezuko also take a stab at it but they soon realize they’re dealing with a mighty foe.

Tokito slashes away Hantengu’s head but all it does is create two bodies of the demon. Tanjiro instantly engages mental arithmetics and runs a diagnostic of the crisis before them, but the might of the demon(s) is too overwhelming. An attack from one of the two Hantengu’s sends Tokito flying pretty far away into the forest.

Genya arrives and further splits the two demons into four with his gun. He ends up getting impaled as Tanjiro gets grabbed by one of the new demon’s claws, who also possesses the flying ability that he uses to lift Tanjiro.

Nezuko is asked to assist Genya by Tanjiro, who is dealt a significant blow of a sonic attack by the demon. Meanwhile, somewhere else Kotetsu is being threatened by one of Gyokko’s unholy creations, and while Tokito tries to ditch the young swordsmith at first, Tanjiro’s kind words compel him to save Kotetsu.

With everyone in a dire state and the upper moon demons wreaking horrors at the village, the situation seems overwhelming, just as Demon Slayer season 3 episode 3 rolls the credits.


  • Demon Slayer offers an enthralling instalment in the latest episode as the upper rank demons make their way through the hidden village and pose harrowing threats to the slayers and the Hashiras.
  • The prospect of Haganezuka polishing the legendary sword makes for a lot of hype as speculations ensue regarding the power boost that it would inevitably give Tanjiro in the current battle and beyond.
  • Tokito’s journey from an aloof and indifferent being to a hopefully kind and expressive one would be heartwarming to behold and the rescue of Kotetsu already proves that.
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 3
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 3 recap & review: A Sword from Over 300 Years Ago 1

Director: Ken Nakazawa

Date Created: 2023-04-23 23:15

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